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For most people anxiety is something that they feel before they go on a big job interview, or before they have to give a presentation at work. It’s not something that they deal with every single day, fortunately for them. This anxiety is brought on by nerves and fear of the unknown, and it’s a perfectly normal (if horrible) feeling to go through. The thing is, this anxiety is not the same thing as a generalised anxiety disorder. It’s not the same because a real disorder can make you feel intense waves of fear, worry and panic – and these don’t happen because of special situations. These are the things that occur before you do something simple, like to go to the store for a loaf of bread. They occur for simple activities, like riding a bus or driving a car after an accident.

Anxiety can be physically painful, causing palpitations, high blood pressure, a tightness in the chest and even body aches where you are feeling tension. You shouldn’t feel exhausted from pure fear of doing something simple – and anxiety can often make you feel that way.  Anxiety can interfere with how you feel on a day to day basis, and if you have been diagnosed with anxiety you’re not alone out there. Anxiety is one of the most common disorders and it comes in so many different forms that people feel it differently. Some deal with phobias, others with social anxiety. You can find it difficult to move through your daily activities without a panic attack or the feeling of worry consuming you. It’s hard – and yet there are things that you can do to help yourself. You deserve to live a more fulfilling life, and anxiety disorders are treatable. 

When you are having a hard time, you need to seek help. You can try meditation or even buy CBD oil to help remain calm and in control, but you may need something more to help you to rationalise the panic. Speaking to your doctor about the difficulties you are facing is important, and the following ten things are going to help you to move past the worry and into feeling more comfortable. Let’s take a look.

  1. The first thing that you should do is start keeping a diary of your sleep patterns. Wearable technology can help you to assess your sleep through the night, which will make you feel more confident that you are sleeping enough. More rest equals less stress, so get that sorted first.
  2. If you are a lover of a glass of wine every now and then, it may be worth cutting back how much you are drinking. Alcohol can heighten the feelings of panic you get, and it can aggravate your anxiety and make you feel more paranoid. If you learn to cut back on how much you are drinking, you will reduce your anxiety and stay on top of it.
  3. One of the best ways to help your anxiety is to learn what triggers it. If you can manage the triggers, you can prevent a full blown panic attack. A journal can help you here, and you can then track how you feel and when the panic comes in.
  4. We mentioned meditation as a way to relax, but have you considered that you should start a new routine? Yoga, meditating with calming music, a massage every week – these are all excellent tips to help.
  5. It isn’t an easy thing to do, but getting over your biggest fears will help you to better manage the anxiety you are feeling. You can get past it by discussing it, and you can trust your closest friends or even a therapist with your fears. Once you talk about something, it becomes less frightening.
  6. Adrenaline is a big factor in anxiety. If you burn it off with exercise, you’re going to be able to push those fearful feelings down. Burn it off by upping your heart rate!
  7. Reaching out for help with a doctor who can prescribe medication will help you to feel better over time.
  8. Often, volunteering can help you to distance yourself from your anxiety. You can keep your mind busy, and that can help you to overcome anything else that’s bothering you.
  9. Above everything else, try not to be unrealistic with what you expect from yourself. You need to be you – and you need to be comfortable. 
  10. Lastly, laugh. Distract yourself with funny things, and you’ll turn your whole mood around in moments. You deserve to be relaxed and happy – and this can help!
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