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To say that the last year has been challenging is an understatement. With a lot of unknown and uncertain stressors, many of us stayed at home and made the best of binge-watching Netflix, reading, and perhaps pursuing other hobbies that normally you don’t have time for. However, many of us got lazy over the last year with respect to taking care of ourselves both physically and emotionally. It’s easy to add a few tips so that you can look and feel your best.

Hydrate and Witness Younger Looking Glow

Experts recommend that we drink at least eight glasses of water a day. However, that’s only a good guide if you don’t cancel your hydration out with other habits. If you are a casual coffee, tea, or alcohol drinker, you are dehydrating your body with those beverages. Try to limit the amount of caffeine as well as alcohol you drink to improve your skin’s moisture as well as your hydration inside your body. To piggyback on your water intake, try a great moisturizer. You will notice a younger glow.

Exercise and Tighten Up Everywhere

Getting your body moving is the secret to looking great. Plus, the endorphins released from exercise are like natural mood boosters. However, most people don’t exercise because they don’t like exercising. That’s the number one rule when it comes to an exercise routine. Pick something that you enjoy. You don’t have to lift weights. You can go for a walk or get adventurous by going for a hike, learning how to stand-up paddleboard, or even kayaking. Not only does physical activity tighten up your body and give you a mood boost, but it can be like meditation. After exercise, notice your clear mind. It’s amazing!

Relaxation is Key

Just because the vaccines are rolling out and society is getting back to a new normal, there are stressors every day. Whether it is work, family, and/or money, many areas in life create stress for you. You cannot eliminate all stressors; so, it is important to have a healthy way to manage your stress. The quickest way to age is to do the opposite. Many people can do yoga, meditation, or simply do a breathing exercise. However, many have trouble quieting the mind with those activities alone. Experts agree that you can achieve a relaxed state with CBD oil. For ideal, healthy results, try

Get a Haircut

A quick trip to your local salon or barbershop is a great way to clean up your look. Take off the quarantine growth in a matter of minutes. If you are looking for a more dramatic change, perhaps you want to jump all in with highlights or a little frost. In either case, within an afternoon, you can feel stylish and more youthful.

Who doesn’t want to step out looking and feeling their best? Don’t let the last year of at-home habits make you look older and feeling drab. By implementing the simple tips above, you can be well on your way to looking and feeling your ultimate best. Cheers to you!

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