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We've highlighted the Top 5 Things about this seasons London Fashion Week that we loved!

So even though London Fashion Week was now around a month ago, we’ve just started sifting through all the looks ready for Spring Summer 2020.

As we are going through everything, highlighting trends, identifying new focuses and concepts, we have noticed a few things that we absolutely loved about this seasons offering, so let’s dive in and explore the Top 5:

180 The Strand, London UK. 13th September 2019. Mark Fast opens London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020 showing his Spring Summer 2020 designs. © Chris Yates

This season saw a wider range of inclusivity than ever before, with many designers featuring plus size, mature, and alternative models on the runway, and we couldn’t be happier! Mark Fast set up the stage for the rest of the designers as his show was the first of the week to feature a plus size model, and then later designers such as IA London (Fashion Scouts Ones to Watch) Rixo, and Richard Malone to name a few all featured mature models. It was a season that showed fashion IS for EVERYONE, and whilst I still believe we have a long way to go to promote full inclusivity across the industry, it’s so important to celebrate the ones who are paving the way.

Sustainability Focus
The hottest topic in the industry at the moment seemed to finally take more of the spotlight, with the British Fashion Council utilising their designer showrooms to really showcase the best and brightest in sustainability including innovations in design which will eliminate sampling, a business that develops some incredible sustainable fabrics, and hangers that are made from 100% plastic recovered from the ocean. We also saw various designers stand up and showcase what they are doing to support the planet, from Fyodor Golan who upcycled fabrics and materials from previous collections and production waste, to the rebellious duo Vin + Omi who collaborated with Prince Charles on a collection that was derived from nettles grown on the Princes Highgrove Estate. This is an exciting time for innovation in the sustainability arena and I hope more designers take note.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Fashion Week who’s focus was on fun and escapism as much as this one. As I mentioned in my LFW roundup article in Issue 7, perhaps its the political climate that is causing this escapism theme, but I’m living for it! Take Bobby Ableys bright and bold Wizard of Oz inspired runway filled with Ruby Reds and Emerald Greens, or Mark Fasts neon jungle, even Rocky Star who is known for his gothic glamour added some fuchsia pinks to his existing dark colour palette. This was a season of colour, vibrancy, and it was meant to be loud and make an impact, and the shows themselves reflected that, you need to only look at Rixos presentation inside a warehouse which was turned into a festival field, playing acoustic renditions of 60’s and 70’s hits, all whilst serving us Aperol spritz and everyone sitting on rugs on the floor, it was very groovy!

Collaborations & Support
With the rise of the independent, concept stores like Lone Design Club are bringing like-minded brands and designers together to support them in delivering their products to their customers. You can also see this collaborative nature extending beyond independents, take the British Fashion Council who gave the centre of their showroom space to some young graduate designers who have been commended by the Graduate Fashion Foundation, what an exciting way to show support and extend the platform to those who need it most. This is an industry which will only survive if we support one another, and I believe more business links and support systems will exist in the future.

Trends… What Trends?
One of the favourite things I get asked is ‘What are the upcoming trends for this season?’ and whilst we do highlight some trends and identify some key things that everyone likes to wear, we really relish in the fact that trends don’t exist in the same way they once did. This seasons LFW didn’t focus on trend led designs, and whilst we may have seen a few similar concepts and ideas, there was nothing that really stood out to us as being a ‘trend’, instead, we love the fact that the designers went off and did their own things, every colour of the rainbow was featured on the runway this season, does that make them all a trend? No, but it does open up the floor for everyone to choose what colour they want to wear to express their individuality and style, and we love that!

So there we have it, 5 key things we loved from LFW, we’d love to hear what you liked from this SS20, let us know in the comments below!

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