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TFI are bringing 10 of Canadas leading clothing and accessory designers to London Fashion Week this September, let's find out who they are...

Toronto Fashion Incubator first launched in 1987, and has since gone on to inspire over 3 countries across the globe to follow in it’s footsteps, including Fashion capitols London, Paris, New York and Milan.

TFI is a non-profit organisation that mentors and teaches new and emerging designers about the business of fashion. They constantly share their wealth and knowledge of the industry through talks, seminars, and events, that are open to the wider community to help newcomers gain an insight into this complex and multi level industry.

Judith & Charles

This year, TFI are coming to London Fashion Week in partnership with the High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom, Global Affairs Canada, City of Toronto and the Canada-UK Foundation, to showcase ‘A Celebration of Canadian Design’ which will feature 10 of Canadas leading clothing and accessory designers and their SS20 collections. The event will bring further awareness of the part Canada plays within the industry, and also offers an opportunity to introduce new brands and designers into the UK market.

The designers being showcased were selected by a panel of prestigious judges including renowned fashion journalist Hilary Alexander, OBE and Jeanne Beker, media celebrity and former host of Fashion Television. The designers selected are:

  • Anastassia Sel – Makers of gorgeous fine jewellery with celebrity fans such as Nelly Furtado – prices range from $250 – $7,000 Canadian Dollars (approx £152 – £4275 GBP)
David Dixon
  • David Dixon – Gorgeous occasion wear that screams luxury, and a list of A-Listers to call his customers including Pamela Anderson and Meg Ryan, Dixon is an exciting brand to be showing in London.
  • Iris Setlakwe – Stunningly simple, yet powerful contemporary daywear separates, that feel very classic and easy to style, yet edgy and new. These designs will be hugely popular to a UK market and the brand have already had huge success in the US market. The collection prices range from $145 to $635 Canadian Dollars (approx £89 to £388 GBP)
Iris Setlakwe
  • Judith & Charles – Sophisticated tailoring for a woman who means business – this brand elevates daywear separates to a whole new level. The suit jackets are cut beautifully to accent the curves of a womans body, taking womens suiting to a sexier and more gender defined place. Not surprising that this brand has had attention from the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, and Canadas First Lady, Sophie Trudeau.
  • JY GAO – This jewellery brand integrate engineering into their designs, providing shapes and geometry the ability to move and change, giving customers an array of different options and looks with their pieces. We adore pieces that bring their own unique level of fun to wearing them, and this brand does exactly that. Made from fine silver and gold and prices ranging from $100 – $325 Canadian Dollars (approx £61 to £199 GBP)
  • Krippit – A genius little invention that protects your heels, and helps you maintain your balance. I know it sounds crazy, but I’m sure we’ve all had our heel get stuck in a manhole cover or a drain before – or you sink into the lawn at that outdoor summer wedding – well this little invention will help! Pop it onto your heel, and away you go! Ranging in design, this 3D printed invention will only set you back around $50 Canadian Dollars (approx £31 GBP)
pranga & co
  • pranga & co – Cufflinks you can change – basically the ‘Pandora’ of mens cufflinks – allowing customers to change the decorative element of the cufflink. Whats more, the brand have a strong focus on sustainability, with products like Shawl Dance which is made from reclaimed butterfly wings (don’t worry, only dead butterflies are collected) and go to support rainforest conservation. We adore a brand that’s making a difference to the planet, and think this is an exciting way to introduce some fun to an otherwise downplayed product in a mans arsenal. Prices range from $25 – $550 Canadian Dollars (approx £15 to £336 GBP)
  • Studio Lorem Ipsum – Coats are no longer just for function, they are a huge statement piece for many an outfit, and this brand brings you a sophisticated and chic set of products to choose from. The brand focuses on minimal waste and slow production which we highly approve of, so the focus is on quality here, and that can never be a bad thing.
  • Vandal – Streetwear just got sexy with Vandal. The shapes and silhouettes lend themselves to more sophisticated wear, with all the fun and playfulness of streetwear. Prices range from $250 – $895 Canadian Dollars (£153 to £547 GBP)
  • Yoga Jeans – Jeans that fit with memory technology – yes thats right! We all know jeans can cut you in the waistband, and lose their shape, but this brand have innovated new technology including a 4 way stretch fabric that allows wearers more durability and flexibility, without losing shape or fit. The brand are also proud of constantly finding new ways to reduce their eco-footprint. It’s nice to see more denim brands focusing on the right things. Prices range from $138 – $208 Canadian Dollars (approx £85 to £127 GBP)
Yoga Jeans

We look forward to seeing the brands new collections at Fashion Week.

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