Written by Tess DiNapoli

The clothes make the man, they say, especially on date night. Knowing what to wear as you court someone special can be difficult unless you have help. That’s why we’re here. Read on for the only guide you’ll ever need. With our help, you’ll know how to dress well for every date.

The Modern Man
Dressing with an eye toward modern trends and styles will serve you well for nearly any date. To put together a modern look, layers are the answer. A sport coat layered over a neutral button-down shirt is snazzy. Opt for a sport coat over a blazer to keep it a bit more laid-back. Although you don’t have to wear a tie, you certainly can, but think about something with an eye-popping and vibrant pattern. It will make your outfit seem more down-to-earth. Nice jeans will work with this type of ensemble, but casual trousers are fine, too. Layer your scent profile, as well. A pheromone-boosting cologne is as much of an accessory as your belt or tie.

Casual but Elevated
Your date may not require a fancy outfit. Even when you go for a casual vibe, however, you can – and should – elevate your look. Believe it or not, coloured denim can save your ensemble. Burgundy or hunter green jeans tend to look more polished than traditional blue jeans. Black jeans are on-point, too. Combine them with a neutral sweater in a dark hue, such as grey or black. To jazz up your appearance, layer a button-down beneath your sweater. Choose a lively print, such as small checks. Skip the sneakers and wear comfortable but stylish shoes instead.

An Effortless Ensemble
Casual and effortless are two different styles. When you wear something casual, it’s still obvious that you put effort into it. To be effortlessly stylish, you need to mix and match the pieces in your closet. An outfit like this is ideal for a first date or a spur-of-the-moment get-together for cocktails or happy hour.

Your favorite sweater and a pair of dark blue jeans will work. However, you can also wear a well-worn band tee shirt beneath a denim jacket. Pull out a clean pair of sneakers for the occasion. Ditch the athletic shoes in favor of low-tops or suede-look shoes.

Something Quite Refined
There will be occasions that call for fancier threads. An important date requires a thoughtful gift and an unmistakably smart outfit. Don’t worry, though. It’s not hard to get ready for a serious outing.

The gift can be anything from a boutique of flowers to a fun coloring book. As for your outfit, you have two choices: You can go all out in a casual suit and tie or go for charcoal grey or navy blue. Wear a white shirt, a contrasting tie, and neutral shoes that match your belt. Dress slacks are also an option. With that, a subtly patterned blazer and a tie that clashes just enough will stand you in good stead.

Do you have a go-to date outfit? Describe it to us.

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