Rather than dramatically altering your look, the natural makeup style enhances your best features. Specifically, it highlights the eyes, lips, and cheeks without covering them up, making them pop with just basic beauty items. This look is such a hit today because not only does it take less time, it also helps celebrate a person’s inherent beauty. Let’s take a look at what this makeup look really entails:

Dewy Skin
Having a smooth and well-moisturized canvas to work on is key to great makeup looks. This is particularly true for the natural makeup style since you’ll be wearing lighter foundations and concealers— or even none at all! It’s crucial to have a good skincare routine.

Integrate steps like cleansing and toning to help avoid acne and clear up other blemishes. Next, you may want to incorporate serums that help address your specific skin concern, such as retinol for fine lines and pigmentation or hyaluronic acid for dry, flaky skin. Of course, make sure to top your routine off with a trusty moisturizer to keep your skin looking plump and fresh, ready for light, natural-looking makeup.

My Lips But Better (MLBB)
Just like the rest of the skin on your face, your lips should also be well-taken care of. This means that you’ll need to exfoliate regularly and use lip balms to ensure that they stay smooth and hydrated. When it comes to a natural makeup look, you’re not going to slather your lips up with intense-coloured lipstick.

It may even be better for you to go with a lighter lip tint or lip gloss instead. Compared to lipstick, lip gloss doesn’t completely change your lip colour. Most are formulated to have the right amount of hydration, smoothness, comfort, and natural-looking shine, giving you that MLBB effect. Plus, there’s also the added benefit of not having to reapply lip products too often to keep them from looking patchy, like you would with dense lipsticks.

Invisible Eyeliner Technique
Unlike bolder, more expressive makeup looks, the natural look doesn’t involve too many eyeshadow or lash extensions. However, the eyes would still need a bit of attention to make them pop.

A popular artist-favoured eyeliner trick called the invisible eyeliner technique does just the trick. It consists of lining the upper waterline with lighter eyeliner – not your usual severe black, but it has to be dark enough to create enough contrast – to make the eyes appear brighter and the lashes thicker and fuller at the roots.

Flushed Cheeks
Nothing brings out natural radiance quite like some well-placed colour on your cheeks. Gone are the days of chalky blushes that are applied very deliberately. The natural makeup look calls for flushed, rosy cheeks instead.

Opt for blush colours that mimic your natural blush. In addition to using the right product, beauty experts suggest regular exfoliation and proper cheek massages to help blood under the skin circulate better. All these can help add a natural and healthy glow to any skin type or colour.

The natural makeup look can be empowering and it encourages you to embrace your own type of beauty. For more tips, check out our other posts on beauty and skincare.

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