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For many, the current global pandemic and being confined to our own four walls at times has been a challenge, especially for creatives who thrive off the environment and the people around them, often turning experiences into inspiration. But where a challenge lies, can come great success and achievement, and none can be celebrated more so than the glorious Mens SS21 collection from Alexander McQueen.

Designed during the first lockdown, this collection uses predominantly stock fabrics, which has borne new levels of innovation. The fabrics are over-printed, over-dyed, and re-worked to create a renewed way of designing, and one which I think we will be seeing a lot more going forward.

Despite the restrictions on fabric selections, the designs haven’t lost any of the brands unique drama or sophistication. Featuring tailored suits in dazzling prints and dip-dyes, many with cutaways at the back, adding a layer of gender fluidity and power to showcase details. Bomber jackets and knitwear also play a part in this collection, showing that a more relaxed sense of style has been adopted and delivers us whay many of us need during this time inside our homes.

I for one love the blend of punchy and pastel pinks, as again I think they capture the essence and idea that menswear is changing, and we are adapting to new ways of wearing pieces that haven’t seen a redesign for many years. It’s exciting, it’s innovation, it’s renewed.

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