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For many years, Anabel Englund has been at the forefront of the electronic music scene. The multi-talented singer-songwriter is known for her vast vocal range, capable of bringing emotion to any dance led track. Having released many of her own productions, and lending her vocals to numerous other artists’ releases, Englund had never released a full-length album, until now. Entitled, Messing With Magic, the artist pulls together ten tracks for her debut hat encapsulate a broad range of sensations. Featuring a string of famous friends on the production side, this album is everything we expected from Englund. Ahead of the release, we caught up with the artist to learn all about Messing With Magic, and the story of her career to date.

What were your first steps into the music industry?

Singing for people whenever they asked me, my friend filmed me singing The Girl from Ipanema & we put it on youtube. From there, someone from ABC Family (which is now known as Freeform) found me & asked me to come in. I then found myself in an amazing deal to write & sing five songs for their network while in the meantime meeting producers I really looked up to at the time such as Lee Foss, Jamie Jones & Infinity Ink. That’s basically how it all started.

Were you always aware of the potential your vocal ability had? 

I’ve always known deep deep down. I’ve always thought to myself what would happen if I kept going. I’ve reached so many new heights this year in my career. I still want to know what more can happen, so I’m gonna keep goingggg.

Looking back, was there a breakthrough moment? 

Not really break through moments but there have definitely been times where I was performing at Coachella with my brother or in Brazil at a packed club & everyone knew the words to my music. I couldn’t help but soak up the love & know in my soul that I am living my life the way I am supposed to, that I’m doing something right. 

You’re well known for your work with dance producers, was succeeding in the electronic side of the industry always an ambition of yours?

Definitely. There was a moment when I was in college & I heard a house track with vocals & I thought to myself I know I can do this & I know I can do this better. Succeeding in the electronic music industry has always been a goal of mine.

You’ve just released your debut album; it’s been a long time coming. What inspired it and how does this compare to your previous releases?

This album was formed song by song. To be honest it wasn’t started with the intention to make it into an album but it all just worked. I made it with some of my best friends in music such as the artists who are credited but also one of my best best friends Matt Ossentjuk (who also made the artwork) he produced “See The Sky” I wanted to have an ode to my roots. But then there’s also “Burn It” which I actually wrote a few years ago. This album is a perfect foundation of who I am & a perfect conclusion of 2020.

In terms of workload, did you produce the album yourself? If not, how closely do you work with producers, being a vocalist predominantly?

No, the only song I wrote the music to is “Burn It”, but I am super hands on with everything I write to. I like to be involved with every bit of the process. 

You recently worked with MK, on the single Underwater; he also remixed So Hot; which opens your album. How did this working relationship come about? I notice that your album is released on his label, AREA10 as well.

MK has been a good friend of mine for so long now so we have a good workflow. His & Nightlapse remix of “So Hot” did SOOO well this year with a US Dance Radio #1 I had to start the album with that. He adds flavor to everything he touches so obvs I like to make music with him. 

This album comes at a point where you’re solidified as a respected artist, how was your journey getting to this point? What challenges have you faced along the way? 

It’s been a crazy, amazing, journey. So many ups & downs, I have learned so many things about the music industry, about myself, about others. I faced big success with no one mentoring me or guiding me & I’ve fallen down where my agent, management & everyone left me. I picked myself up & found my worth & I kept going even if no one thought they could find success with me. Today I have the best most supporting, loving, hardworking, family of a management team. I have a machine of a label backing me getting all my music played & making all my visions for music videos a reality. I have support and love in every corner of my life.  

Finally, how would you describe your music? What setting do you think it fits best? I feel like you move between euphoric dance to a more sombering take on the genre on the album.

I’d have to agree with your take. My music can be really sexy & sassy but also light, airy & free sounding. I have an eclectic personality & it shows in my music & my songwriting. 

You can listen to Anabel Englund’s fantastic debut album, below. Enjoy!

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