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Unfortunately as has been the case with a lot of sporting events, the ASICS London 10k race which was scheduled to take place on 5th July 2020 has been postponed.

We put together a diverse team of 5 individuals to train towards running the race, and we’ve been actively trialling and testing various products from brands and designers, so you can imagine the teams disappointment when this news came into the office, however, the safety of the public and ensuring everyone adheres to social distancing guidelines are of paramount important to protect the NHS and it’s key services.

Virgin Active who were organising the event are working with local authorities to try and secure another date, and will continue to keep everyone updated. Given that they are still working on various options, they have asked for no action from runners at this point. They will be in contact with participants before the end of May to provide an update on event information and next steps for runners.

We are still training and will continue to keep fit and healthy during this time, and will be looking forward to some virtual races to keep us going.

You can find out more information regarding the race at

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