Author: Aaron Mark - Editor In Chief


‘Dangerous’ is a Boyfriend – Online Exclusive by photographer Jason Schlosberg featuring models Sydne Wilkinson and Vaquel. Styling by Taujma Hall and Karen Bonita, Make-Up by Doshia Kelly and Karen Bonita, Hair by Kanika Styles and Roxanne Arce-Tyndale. Sydne and Vaquel are wearing Clyopatre Couture, Giuseppe Zanotti, Pat’s Secret Closet, Tory Burch, Shishang Picao Fur, Victor Costa, Enzo Angiolini, Vicky Tiel, and Fever.


BOYFRIEND MAG – ISSUE 2 – OUT OCTOBER 18TH With the huge success of our first print issue in August, Boyfriend Mag has now amassed over 12,000 readers of our print and digital content – THANK YOU!!! To say we didn’t feel the pressure to go bigger and better with this issue, would be an

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Sometimes, collective talent runway shows can be quite time consuming, and you can often sit there thinking about what to have for lunch, however, some of these shows are not just inspiring, but they show fashion as it should be – fun, flirty, bold, experimental, and most of all – non conformist! This is largely

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‘This is not a bank robbery’ was the resounding message that I took away from the upcoming collection by DB Berdan. This message, is a clear protest towards comments made by our former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, earlier this year – and this wouldn’t be the first time the brand have spoken out on equality

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‘Not Like The Movies’ is a Boyfriend – Online Exclusive by photographer Aliona Kuznetsova featuring Models Anne Therese Bengtsson & Kristy Hamilton. Make-up by Viktoriya Ye Kai. Anne and Kristy are wearing jewellery by Manya Nofal, and wardrobe provided by The Collection by Parisa including pieces by Stella McCartney and Opening Ceremony.


Minki brought us all the colour and an incredible set design for their runway show and presentation this season. The collection brought us pops of bold colour, and reminded me of the ARTPOP movement fused with a touch of urban glamour. It was inspired by Lorenzo Vitturis book ‘Money Must Be Made’ and takes us

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