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Wǒ Skincare

Last month we welcomed Wǒ Skincare; a brand new innovative skincare brand which means ‘I’ in Mandarin, chosen as Wǒ recognises individual skin traits – from ethnic background to wrinkles – it offers specific solutions so you can pick and mix your skincare, adapting it as your skin changes over time, or with seasonal shifts or changes in your geographical location.

With a unique skin diagnostic system and mono-dose packaging, it was created with the individual in mind. Each individually prepared packet (which in their case is a vial or blister pack) has a specifically measured dosage. Being mono-dose packaged means each pack contains the perfect amount of product your skin needs for application. This means you can use the correct amount of product each and every time so not a drop gets wasted. Not to mention it can support the preservation of active ingredients in the product, as the product is not subject to air or light exposure, making each application of product fresh and effective everytime. The travel friendly size means you don’t have to compromise your skincare routine when flying. You can take exactly how much you want, for however long you will need it without having to worry about over packing, as each dose is small, safe and totally travel friendly. Great for working makeup artists also to carry on their set bags, as they can easily tailor to the talents’ needs and hygienically carry individual packets for each and every one without having to depot product from bigger containers or risk cross contamination. Also, it minimises wastage. 

And because they understand everyone’s skin is unique, and your skin needs are constantly changing as they respond to your lifestyle, their diagnostic tailors your skincare routine with Wǒ products to target your specific skin needs. And the mono-dose products can be ordered in sets for as little as 2 weeks usage, so you don’t have to commit to a huge amount of product, in case it doesn’t quite work for you. You have the flexibility to try new formulations without having a shelf overflowing with product.

As a result of mono-dose packaging being lightweight, this reduces their carbon footprint within their product cycle, as well as the journey from getting products from them to your doorstep. All of the packaging is recyclable and 80% of their packaged products (which means all the Power TonIQs and the Revive Oil) are made from up to 80% recycled plastic. The packaging used for home delivery are also fully recyclable and they don’t use any secondary boxes for the product, helping to minimise unnecessary waste and their measured dosage approach with a diagnostic with proven accuracy in recommending the right product means less overall wastage of unsuitable products and resources.

Available to purchase in sets of 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 8 weeks usage packets, the range consists of the following: Daily Bases, which are your 3-in-1 multi-functional formula which cleanses, hydrates and conditions the skin. It replaces your makeup remover, cleanser, beauty water and moisturiser. There are 4 to choose from, depending on your skin type and your preference: Aqua Gel – best for oily and blemish prone skins; Comfort Balm – best for uneven complexions and visible pores; Wonder Cream – for sensitive skins and Revive Oil – for rough, dull and ageing skins, and your diagnostic should point you in the right direction. You can solely use a daily base as your full skincare routine but if you have a specific skincare need you’ll require a Power ToniQ on top.

The Power TonIQs are your essences that treat specific skin concerns, which you have 11 to choose from to add to your routine on top of your Daily Base. It’s a relearning process with this range, as you’ll use one product to remove makeup, cleanse and moisturise and then your powerful active treatments on top, as they are designed to work synergistically and in an unconventional way. They’re also all “colour coded” to make it a slightly easier process.

They can be “grouped” by skin needs as follows:

Oily skin and Breakouts: Aqua Gel Daily Base, Oil Control Essence Power TonIQ, Anti-Blemish Essence Power TonIQ, Instant Shine Control Essence Power TonIQ, Pore Refining Essence Power TonIQ

Open Pores and Uneven Pigmentation: Comfort Balm Daily Base, Dark Spot Correcting Essence Power TOnIQ, Skin Tone Brightening Essence Power TonIQ

Sensitive Skin: Wonder Cream Daily Base, Anti-Redness Essence Power TonIQ

Dull Skin: Revive Oil Daily Base, Skin Tone Brightening Essence Power TonIQ, Instant Radiance Boosting Essence Power TonIQ, Intense Hydration Essence Power TonIQ

Lines and Wrinkles: Revive Oil Daily Base, Instant Radiance Boosting Essence Power TonIQ, Wrinkle Fighting Essence Power TonIQ

Dark Circles and Under Eye Puffiness: Revive Oil Daily Base, Eye Contour Perfecting Essence Power TonIQ

I’ve had the pleasure to trial the products for a little while now and after you get used to the unusual learning curve of moisturising before applying your active treatments, the results are quite impressive.

Each dose of Daily Base is measured for exact use. You’d use a third to massage onto dry skin to remove makeup and tissue off with a cotton pad (or a cotton, bamboo or microfibre cleansing pad/cloth, you get the drill), then repeat the process but rinse with water and then massage the remaining product onto patted dry skin, allowing it to sink in. If it’s in the morning, you can still do a double cleanse but there won’t be a need to focus so much on the first cleanse as you won’t have to melt away makeup or daily grime.

Following that you’d apply one vial of Essence (or two, depending on your skincare needs diagnostic) massaging into the skin until fully absorbed. The vials are best stored upright with the opening side facing down, just for ease of use, as the product is measured so specifically, it will make squeezing it out easier and quicker. Personally I found 1 vial of the Eye Contour Perfecting Essence to be more than enough for 4 uses, as for my skin I find I need very little product around the eye area and trying to massage an entire vial in one use proved wasteful and detrimental, as my skin could not absorb so much product. It was honestly enough to do my entire face. However, if you have extremely dry and dehydrated skin, you might find it a completely different experience. I did love the feel of the Wonder Balm when I tried it, and how comfortable it felt on my skin, as well as the other Essences I tried, particularly the Intense Hydration Essence and the Instant Radiance Boosting Essence, as it did deliver quite an immediate (as the name suggests) radiance boost result. The little vials are definitely enough for your whole face, neck and decolletage, but again, I reckon you might have a different experience if you suffer from much drier or dehydrated skin than I do (and mine is dehydrated!).

Each product is uniquely formulated with ingredients such as Prickly Pear Stem Cell Culture (to boost skin firmness and elasticity), Marine Seaweed (a unique blend to help with Hyaluronic Acid synthesis, providing a plumping ‘water bomb’ effect on the skin) and Samphire Extract (to help boost moisture levels and prevent Trans-Epidermal Water Loss, providing excellent skin barrier protection) in the Aqua Gel Daily Base or Kakadu Plum Extract (a super fruit extract from Australia which contains one of the highest levels of Vitamin C, high in antioxidants and renowned for its skin brightening properties), Niacinamide (this multifunctional ingredient helps rejuvenate and brighten the skin) and Vitamin C (to help lighten and promote collagen synthesis) in the Skin Tone Brightening Essence Power TonIQ, to target the specific concerns each product addresses and delivering maximum results.

All products are available at from £14.00 for a 2 week pack for the Power TonIQs or from £28.00 for a 2 week pack for the Daily Bases

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