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Ameliorate NEW Skincare Launched 15th September

From game changer bodycare brand Ameliorate comes a long awaited launch! Their new skincare line is a simple but effective one. Ameliorate is renowned for its scientific, innovative approach, producing products which target specific skin concerns, that not only work outstandingly well but are a pleasure to use.

Perfect for all dry skin conditions, their products deliver transformational results without being pharmaceutical grade (meaning you don’t need a prescription). The brand had already grown to also include haircare for dry scalps and now it has finally expanded into facial care.

The new Skincare range used Lactic acid as the key ingredient. Much the same as the original Transforming Body Lotion, and is comprised of a Resurfacing Facial Cleanser, Restorative Facial Mask, Replenishing Facial Cream and Transforming Facial Serum – which is really the key product of the range as it is richer in lactic acid than the rest. Ideal for those suffering from bumpy, very dry, dehydrated, rough, uneven skin and tone with dry and “scaly” patches.

The Lactic acid is present in their unique LaH6 Complex and they added an innovative Probiotic technology – with lactococcus ferment lysate – (probiotic is growing bacteria which makes it difficult to formulate an actual probiotic product) so the technology is used to create the ingredients – fermentation technology used to produce the lysate – which help speed of epidermal growth and support healthy microbiome of skin.

With AHA therapy, Hyaluronic acid for high hydration, Squalane from olive oil, an emollient that is soothing and great for all skin types, Ceramides – for an intracellular lipid boost, Omega Therapy 3,6,9 from Camelina and Oat Extracts, PHAs – from Honey and Glycogen – an energising ingredient to boost radiance and smooth fine lines.

The same gentle baby powder scent runs through the range, and makes it truly pleasurable while applying.


A hard-grafting serum that works overnight to efficiently reveal soft, smooth, and resurfaced skin. This moisturising powerhouse is packed with a hyperactive duo of exfoliating heroes – Poly Hydroxy Acid and Alpha Hydroxy Therapy, along with Hyaluronic Acid which together provide instant hydration and smoothing micro relief to keep skin bright and radiant. The Serum improves the appearance of facial Keratosis Pilaris, leaving taught, dry skin comforted and hydrated for up to 12 hours* (*based on an independent clinical trial on 21 participants). 

Apply in the evening, just one pump onto cleansed skin. Keep the little dust cap it comes with and re-cap after each use. You’ll probably feel a mild tingling sensation when applying it, which is perfectly normal due to the active ingredients used. Thoroughly rinse out in the morning.

For even better results, layer with the Replenishing Facial Cream or Restorative Facial Mask. Personally, due to my skin being dehydrated but not dry (I’ve oily/combination skin), I find using the cream together with the serum is a bit too much for me. I do either one or the other. 


I absolutely love this ultra mild, pH-balanced formula for incredibly gentle cleansing and resurfacing. Using Shea Butter and Cottonseed Oil, this nurturing non-foaming formula melts away impurities and makeup while increasing moisture levels, leaving skin feeling hydrated and replenished and looking fresher and brighter. With Bio Honey Acids rich in Poly Hydroxy Acids which give a gentle but effective exfoliation, and Prickly Pear extract to further enhance moisturisation. The unique Ceramide Therapy works as an intracellular lipid booster that helps replenish the skin’s barrier and retain moisture, leaving skin feeling smoother and soft.

Use in the morning and evening, it’s great as a second cleanse in the evenings for a super comfortable finish and feel. Massage 2-3 pumps onto damp skin, leave for a few minutes to really benefit from all those gorgeous acids, add some water and massage it until it turns milky then rinse thoroughly with a soft wash cloth, cleansing pad or muslin cloth.


A multitasking moisturiser that arms skin with the daily protection it needs to help combat environmental aggressors or insufficient natural moisture levels, which can lead to skin dryness and roughness. The LaH6 Hydration Complex drenches skin so it feels nourished with instant and long-lasting moisture, and a cocktail of active ingredients such as Ceramides and hydrating Milk Protein and Oat Oil help the face feel calmer. Fine lines and roughness look smoothed and tone appears more even, helping to reveal a brighter more vibrant complexion.

Apply twice daily to face and neck after cleansing, and in the evening, if your skin is really dry and rough, apply after the Transforming Facial Serum. This has an actual light, velvety smooth texture that is absorbed fairly quickly without a heavy feel or residue on the skin. While this will be brilliant all year round on drier skins, for those of us with more of a combination skin, this will be a brilliant cold weather moisturiser.


A moisturising mask that works to help enhance and protect the skin’s barrier by replenishing skin with intense hydration and helping to reduce overnight moisture loss. The formulation combines Squalane and Probiotic Technologies which work together to cocoon the face throughout the night, revealing a more illuminated, glowing complexion come morning.

You can use in the evening, just apply a thin layer once or twice a week onto a cleansed face or for even better results, layer over the Transforming Facial Serum and rinse well in the morning or for an instant boost of moisturisation apply for 10 minutes (at any time) then rinse thoroughly.

Ameliorate Facial Skincare launched on 15th September at

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