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In the current situation many of us have been wondering how to care for our hair without the help of our hairdressers and without making a mess of things, particularly with our hair colour. So we asked some professionals for tips on how to maintain our hair colour during these times.

Daniel Campbell, Lush Product Inventor and Cosmetic Scientist says:

The free time that we have at home (at the moment) is a great opportunity to break out of our regular routines and try some things we wouldn’t normally try. 

For those of you with coloured hair, the reduced sun damage and exposure to environmental pollutants will probably make your colour look better for longer, so every cloud has a silver lining.

What’s the best way to maintain highlights/balayages or ombrés on
brunettes and blondes?

Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Shampoo and Conditioner Duo, RRP £17.95, available from Amazon

This for me is the easiest to manage during this time because there are products that specifically help these issues, for blondes and balayage my go to is Fudge’s Clean Blonde Damage Rewind as this will neutralise any unwanted yellow tones and help boost your condition and repair your hair whilst it does it – helping to prolong your colour! For brunettes brassy red tones tend to pop out so the go to here is Fudge’s Cool Brunette, this works the same way as purple shampoo but its blue so takes away those unwanted tones.

we’re told by Fudge Professional’s Global Brand Ambassador and Hair Stylist Jonathan Andrew

FFOR Re:Move Yellow Shampoo, RRP £8.00, available at

The FFOR Re:Move Yellow naturally gentle and nourishing shampoo and conditioner, enriched with organic Lemongrass, Lavender and Cedarwood and packed full of powerful pigments, will add brightness and neutralise yellow tones in grey, silver and blonde hair. Helps to promote strength and revitalises hair for a fresh, bright and healthy finish.

Andrew Smith, owner of Andrew Smith Salons and milk_shake Haircare Ambassador advises

milk_shake Colour Whipped Cream in various shades, RRP £10.89 each, available from milk_shake

‘If you’re just looking to liven up your colour that’s gone dull or less vibrant you can use milk_shake Colour Whipped Cream which is their Direct Colour mixed with their gorgeous leave-in Whipped Cream conditioner mousse. Available on the milk_shake website for home delivery.

This is a firm favourite here at Boyfriend, not only does the Whipped Cream smell edible, it will leave your hair silky smooth, soft, manageable and shiny.

Whether you want to keep your colour intact for your Zoom meeting or spice things up for your virtual House Party happy hour, Maria Nila’s Colour Refresh range has got all you need. Add the White Mix to any shade to lighten it or to refresh a balayage, use Cacao shade on your roots and Vanilla on the tips. Colour lasts up to 10 washes.

Maria Nila Colour Refresh Hair Mask in various shades, RRP from £16.00 for 100ml, available at
Christophe Robin Color-Shield Shampoo, RRP £29.00, available from Selfridges,  SpaceNK, Harrods, and 

The Colour Shield Shampoo from Christophe Robin is specifically formulated for colour-treated, bleached and/or highlighted hair to protect colour intensity and shield the hair fibre against everyday oxidative stress. The vitamins in the formulation also contain natural amino acids, which are very similar to the hair’s keratin, to help rebuild the hair fibre without weighing hair down. Its acidic pH respects the mechanisms of colour-treated hair, seals the hair cuticle making it waterproof, to protect it from hard water and preserve shine and prevents the loss of colour pigments.

Christophe Robin Color-Shield Mask, RRP £33.00, available from and

To combat the harmful effects of colouring processes, the Colour Shield Mask boosts the effectiveness of the Colour Shield Shampoo to offer an even more intense result. Just like the Colour Shield Shampoo, this colour protecting treatment contains a powerful blend of antioxidant vitamins to protect all hair colour shades as well as the hair fibre from external aggressors, for colour that stays vibrant for longer. Combined with a nourishing active ingredient of natural origin, this intense mask repairs and strengthens hair deep down after colouring.

Amika also carries a blonde care range of products with violet pigment to ban brassiness.

Best way to maintain roots on coloured hair?

Our experts say the simplest way to help with this issue is to change your parting or create a “zig zag” parting to disguise the root area, as this adds volume and breaks up the usual straight line, detracting from the visibility of the roots.

Andrew Smith also says:

I would recommend you put your hair up or in playful braids to give it some much needed rest from heat styling and colour. 
If your roots do get to the point that you really need to do something I would recommend using your eye makeup to brush over the root area in areas you can see for example the parting or around the hair line – this is a great tip as it’s purely cosmetic so as soon as you wash your hair the make up will go so your not actually affecting the hair at all just masking the roots.’ And it’s fairly inexpensive.
‘Another great tip would be to use milk_shake Direct Colour to touch up the root area as this is a professional temporary colour which means it will only last up to ten washes on the hair (lighter or more pastel shades will be less). They won’t cover 100% grey hair but they will mask and gently tone so great just to dilute the greys. It comes in a really handy twist top nozzle which means you can run it along the scalp while squeezing then massage through the root area, leave for up to 30 mins then simply rinse and condition. There’s 20 shades to pick from and some of the more playful tones when applied to blonde hair can be very pastel and creative.’

There’s also a clear shade which can be used to mix with the other colours to reduce their intensity or on it’s own to add vibrant shine to hair that’s gone dull.

milk_shake Cocktail Home Care Kit in Cool Brown and Warm Brown, RRP £29.99 each, more shades also available from milk_shake
Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask in Chic Copper, RRP £39.00, available from and

Created using key ingredients Almond butter, Buriti oil and Carrot oil, the Shade Variation Mask in Chic Copper adds warm tones and re-caramelises highlights for darker tones. Effective on blonde, red, chestnut, natural brown, colour-treated or highlighted hair, the Shade Variation also intensively nourishes during application.  Created using no parabens, silicone, oxidants and ammonia, the product is built to care for the hair whilst producing subtle, elegant tones.

Fudge Professional Root Disguiser in Dark Blonde, RRP £15.95, available at Amazon

Jonathan Andrew adds:

Another great way is with Fudge Root Disguiser which is a brush applicator you match to your hair tone and brush on to cover it up and it washes straight out so no risk of any colour disasters.

KMS STYLE COLOR Spray-on Colour in Raw Mocha, RRP £23.00, available at LookFantastic

The KMS Style Color is a non-permanent, spray-on colour that allows you to experiment with colour. Working on both lighter and darker hair tones, the spray-on colour can be used to add contrasts and highlights, or for root touch-ups. Formulated with a water-repellent sealing compound and Iron Oxides, which deliver colour-giving pigments, the non-permanent colour creates a flexible, ultra-thin film for moveable finish on all hair colours.

Lernberger Stafsing Founder Patrik Lernberger says:

Lernberger Stafsing Root Camouflage in Dark Brown, RRP £19.00, available at

Our Root Camouflages are amazing. Take the bottle, shake it and using the unique nozzle you can apply the colour precisely to where you need it. Sometimes I even use it in my beard to make it look thicker! I recommend using the same colour as your own hair to make it look thick and denser.

Cover and conceal unwanted grey roots and regrowth in between colour or hide the scalp at thinning areas with this microfine quick-drying formula. It blends seamlessly for a natural looking result with the illusion of thicker and fuller hair. With a unique nozzle for precise application. Washes out easily and available in four colours Dark Blonde, Light Brown, Dark Brown and Black Brown.

Which products would you recommend and what maintenance can
be made without having to spend too much money, since lots of
people are going into financial hardship?

Andrew Smith says:

So with regards to colouring at home, as a professional I wouldn’t ever recommend using shop bought box dye as it can contain metallic salts as well as other things that can react to professional hair colours which means although it may seem a good short-term fix when it’s time to return to the salon for a professional colour a reaction could occur with bad consequences. 

If your roots are starting to come through it can be tempting to take the matter into your own hands, but please be patient. Nearly all of the colour corrective treatments that your salon will do will be as a result of home hair dying, which is expensive, time consuming and not always 100% successful. Your hair and hairdresser will thank you if you bide your time, plus you’ll be able to get an appointment quicker without having to get into the correction queue.

is the advice from Daniel Campbell.

And Jonathan Andrew advises :

Fudge Professional Damage Rewind Shampoo & Conditioner Duo, RRP £17.95, available at Amazon

For me I think the key here is to invest in products necessary at this time to get great results. Don’t feel you have to buy entire ranges just a few key products will see you through and get you some great benefits. Shampoo is key but none more than a great hair specific
conditioner, the one I feel will bring the most benefits is the Fudge’s
Damage Rewind, not only in regular use will this improve the health
of your hair but work great as a masque, my tip for this to make your
routine a little more luxurious once or twice a week is to clean your
hair and then add in a little more conditioner than usual and run a
small towel under some hot water, squeeze out any excess and
then wrap it around your hair like a turban, allow to cool and then
take the towel off and before you leave the bath or shower rinse
out, this is a great way to boost the condition and have a bit of “me

KMS Color Vitality Shampoo, RRP £15.50, available at LookFantastic

Harnessing the powers of an innovative AHA Structure Complex, the lightweight KMS Color Vitality Shampoo gently purifies and refreshes hair, whilst creating a luxurious lather that locks in colour and helps to prevent fading in between salon appointments. Expect smooth, sleek and glossy locks with enhanced tone.

Give your shade super staying power with this colour-preserving duo from Amika. The Vault Color Locks’ Shampoo & Conditioner UV filters and antioxidants keep hair vibrant for longer, strengthen the hair shaft, smooth the cuticle, increase moisture retention and boosts hair elasticity. Plus, it’s free from sulfates, parabens and phthalates, vegetarian-friendly and cruelty-free.

Amika Vault Color-Lock Shampoo, RRP £14.00, available at Birchbox
amika soulfood nourishing mask, RRP £20.00, available at Beauty Bay

Then treat your hair to rich, intense nourishment with the amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask. Designed to deeply condition, hydrate and restore dry hair, locks will be restored to their natural glory. Formulated with Jojoba Seed Oil to strengthen and Vitamin C to repair and protect.

Virtue products are amazing for maintaining the health of coloured hair thanks to the patented Alpha Keratin60ku. This is a protein that our body recognises as its own, and when used on the hair its drawn to the damaged spots in the hair shaft filling in the cracks. This leaves a smooth surface to colour on, making colour more even, maintains the shine and helps the longevity of the colour.’

Virtue Brand Ambassador Nicola Clarke says:

My personal favourites are the Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, and when I want a lighter feel in weight to my hair I use the Full Conditioner. I try to use the Restorative Treatment Mask a couple of times a week – it’s fantastic because you only have to leave it on for a few minutes to see the results. I love to apply the mask on the mid lengths and ends of hair. When I’m blow drying my hair I use a small amount of the Split End Serum and then I absolutely love the 6 in 1 Styler. If I want to wear my hair back then this product is also perfect to slick down fly away hairs. The great thing about it is, when you take your hair down at the end of the day it feels wonderful and smooth not like when you use a gel or mousse.

Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask, RRP £28.00 for 50ml, available at

For the last 20 years my top tip for looking after coloured hair has been to invest in good products and Virtue has gone above and beyond my expectations. The shampoos are fabulous, and treatments like the Refresh Dry Shampoo is a good tool to use if you don’t want to shampoo as much. The Healing Oil is a great shine tool and it’s also super nourishing for the hair and scalp.

Additionally to our recommendations, if you can, reach out to your usual hairdresser for additional advise, and they can recommend the best combination of products specific to your hair needs for you to best invest in at this time and remember, stay home and stay safe!

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