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Glitter Love as seen at Paula Knorr


Photography by Zoe Lower


Photography by Stella Morais

LFW SS19 was as always, as diverse as it’s participants, but one thing we saw abundance of, was shimmy shimmy shine! On the clothes but also on the makeup!

This look created by makeup artist Lottie Star was all about beautiful skin (she used the new Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation), and glitter in all the right places!

Holiday Skin as seen at Tata Naka


Healthy looking seen is always paramount at the shows, but there was an abundance of naked glowing skin this year, and we love it!

At Tata Naka, makeup artist Yin Lee, took the inspiration of the Roman Holidays with which the collection was designed to create this beautifully healthy looking, glowing from within skin.

Colour Play as seen at Ada Zanditon


Photo by Richard Bailey


There was a lot of colour at this season’s shows, but none captured our attention like the look created by makeup artist Astrid Kearney for Ada Zanditon. We asked Astrid what inspired her creation and this is what she had to say: “The moment Designer Ada Zanditon spoke of her collection ‘Harnesses and Accessories V’ I saw a holographic play with moving colours and light. Simple elements like the rainbow colours of oil on the road surface in the rain or incredible rainbows created in soap by a child blowing bubbles. The Preciosa crystals alone were incredible. Every crystal is able to reflect 264 unique rays of light. Our aesthetic of Candyland fantasy, both opulent and sculptural was very synchronized which made our collaboration and the one with preciosa crystals, Kryolan, Toni & Guy and my team at London School of Makeup a perfect team…

How much of what you create is due to product innovation and how much of it do you find you still have to create yourself to get the results you want?

Every product line is unique and when I went to Kryolan City in Covent Garden it was like the ultimate playground for me! With an idea in mind when I look at the products I like to spend a day playing with the mediums i.e. powder, grease, aqua to get a sheer, bold or fade effect and other products used as ‘bounce points’ as opposed to the usual highlighter for example. Skin preparation is key for me .For example I know I wanted the yellow on the eyes to be very powerful so I gave it the fabulous Kryolan ‘sunshine’ liner back which was tapped on and their ‘ saffron’ yellow eyeshadow on top. The skin was treated with glycolic first and then I mixed natural oil in with their wonderful ultra moisturizer so the edges of the colours blended away.

The wonderful thing about being a creative is product play and getting a product to do what you want. I love that within my work and also teaching that to budding artists who are new to the game. With nude skin and one product you can also create a clear vision. It’s all about connecting the brief to an idea drawing ideas from colour and fabric samples, nature and everyday objects people take for granted.

And finally, how much of what you and your fellow artists created do you believe will filter through the trends to mainstream, everyday use?

“‘Fashion is a sign system of cultural change and tribal belonging’. This movement and change is certainly in line with the incredible futuristic inventive and fresh quality of Ada Zandition’s collection. I reflected that with polished skin, holographic lips and playing with mixed media and colour. My pro Artist team at London School of Makeup alongside me rocked it! Kryolan, a company with over 70 years at the forefront of product innovation and I as an Artist loved to interplay with the product line.‘Nacre’ powder for example at the show was a fabulous powder to add glow spots, mix with oil for glistening skin and use to soften and add glistening elements to the colour where needed.


Graphic Touch as seen at Rosella May

Rosella May by STEFAN-15

Photography by Stefan

Playing with liner placement is a growing trend, as is adding colour to it. No other better example than the one seen at Rosella May this season, with its flicks of colour dashed just under the eyebrows. Dare to try?

So what do you think? Colour, glitter, it’s all about experimenting and not being afraid to go bold or go home this season – so grab those palettes and lip colours, and get playing! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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