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Muse of London X TIGI #ChocolateCrusade Colour Menu Collab, how I love thee, let me tell you why…

For their 5th anniversary celebration, Muse of London “IT” salon partnered up with trending hair brand TIGI to create a new colour menu, the #ChocolateCrusade.

We at Boyfriend had the chance to experience it first hand. Here’s the A to Z (sort of) of it!

C is for… well, Chocolate. How can one not love a selection of 6 hair colours named entirely after chocolate desserts goodness? From strawberry ganache to champagne truffle or melted chocolate mousse, your mouth will be watering at the names alone.
H is for… Hair. As in soft, touchable, beautifully and delectably coloured hair.
O is for…OMG! What do I choose?
C is for… Cinnamon Salted Caramel. My colour choice and quite frankly, and overall choice when it comes to chocolatey goodness. Don’t judge!
O is for… Olfactory Sensation. As with all other TIGI hair colour products, these smell like toffee and caramel (YUM) rather than nasty chemicals.
L is for… Lovely. I know, I know, no one really loves that word, but there’s really no other way to describe Deira, the sweetheart that did my hair colour at the salon.
A is for… Atmosphere. Relaxed. Laid back. Friendly. The staff is impeccable and knowledgeable, good music is playing but not so loud you can’t carry on a conversation.
T is for… Treat. As in, treat yourself to a trip to the salon. Have a hair consultation with one of the team and let them take care of you. Muse is smack dab in the centre of London. You can’t miss it.
E is for … Experience. It will be a good one. #promise

My before and after… Find them on Instagram @museoflondon for more details!

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