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Find out even more products that will help with the 5 key hair trends of the season... And what are those we hear you ask? Read on and find out....

Have you read our latest issue? If you have, then you’ll know all about our key trends that we see happening in haircare today, if you haven’t, well we’re going to fill you in here…

So what are these key trends I hear you say? Let’s break them down and elaborate on some more products that we feel will help with each trend, giving you the luscious locks you crave, and if you want the full armoury of products, grab our latest issue HERE and get the full experience – you’ll be doing Britney hair-o-graphy in no time!

Growth & Loss

Andrew Smith, owner of Andrew Smith Salons and milk_shake Haircare ambassador gave us his expertise:

“With the enticement of warm summer months ahead there becomes more of a demand for longer healthier looking hair! You should prepare in advance: now is the perfect time to treat your tresses with specific products that encourage growth and promote healthy hair and scalp. Selecting the correct product for your hair is crucial: choose a range that will create a healthy balanced scalp that promotes the growth whilst also helping to strengthen hair to the tip! It’s important to note that if the tips of your hair become brittle and weak, no amount of growth from the scalp will prevent your ends from breaking.”

Andrew Smith

Trevor Sorbie Long & Strong Range promises to revitalise and strengthen mid to long hair lengths, protecting surface from damage while conditioning and detangling.

Trevor Sorbie Long & Strong Shampoo and Conditioner, £8.00 RRP each, available at and Trevor Sorbie Salons

The experts at Grow Gorgeous say:

“Although we make sure to condition our ends during Winter, is there an underlying problem with our scalp that could need tending to first? Often undetected, is that our scalp has become dehydrated during the changing weather. Unlike a dry scalp, which has more obvious symptoms, such as becoming dry or flakey, recognising telltale signs of a dehydrated scalp is trickier – you can’t see the root of the problem. To treat the dull and tight scalp, the obvious coconut oil and cult hyaluronic acid spring to mind. But there is a new contender, Caffeine!
With new research published by EurekAlert, finding that topical caffeine can increase ‘natural occurring electric fields on the surface of the skin’, subsequently increasing the water content in our skin, we’re rethinking caffeine as a go to hydrator.”

Grow Gorgeous

Grow Gorgeous Intense Range is the perfect solution, with a Thickening Hair & Scalp Mask, Hair Growth Serum, Hair Density Shampoo and Hyaluronic Density Conditioner for enhanced natural hair texture.

Grow Gorgeous Intense Care Range Bundle, £96.00 RRP , available at and selected Boots Stores


“The choice of products for curly/Afro Caribbean hair has never been more impressive – the demand for defined, healthy and well moisturised curls is stronger than ever thanks to inspirational images on social media and lush celebrity hairstyles (think Fleur East!).

Curly haired strands are shaped completely differently: straight hair is round in diameter, curly is oval and Afro is almost flat and can feel rough and coarse. Naturally curly/Afro hair requires intense nourishment and hydration to banish frizz and achieve a smoother, glossier finish.” Says Andrew, and we couldn’t agree more. With the return of natural hair styles and afro beauties opting away from the weaves and ever more embracing their beautiful, lush curls, the demand has increased, and more and more brands are starting to deliver!

Only Curls is a brand new London-based venture for the curly haired. From gentle shampoos and nourishing cremes to hair towels, combs and sleep turbans, each product in the Only Curls range has been tested on all curl types. The Hydrating Curl Creme and Enhancing Curl Gel are ideal to style curls without drying them out. And they smell fabulous!

Only Curls Enhancing Curl Gel and Hydrating Curl Creme, from £8.00 RRP for 100ml each, available at

Vegan friendly cult brand Maria Nila gives us Curlique Cream, a nourishing cream that defines and enhances natural curls and waves, whilst protecting the hair against free radicals. Like all Maria Nila products, it’s made with 100% vegan ingredients, sulfate and paraben free and the packaging in 100% CO2 compensated (meaning, every time you buy a Maria Nila product, you contribute to the reforestation effort in South America.)

Maria Nila Curlique Cream, £18.00 RRP, available exclusively online and in store at


Andrew tells us: “Hybrid products are huge right now as clients demand that ‘magic’ multi-tasking potion offering a number of benefits. With a 24/7 ‘want-it-all’ lifestyle it’s understandable that one product with many benefits is the most suitable choice: shine enhancing, UV and heat-protecting, frizz reducing all in one treatments that also promote softness and condition are a must-have option.”

This Shea Moisture range is PERFECT for anyone that needs to address more than one hair concern at a time. Amazing for colour treated hair, curls, ageing, stress, hydration, and so much more, the 10-in-1 Renewal System Superfruit Complex (formerly named 10-in-1 Multi Benefit Superfruit Complex) leaves hair manageable, soft, light and smelling amazing too! Shea Moisture has long earned a permanent spot in my bathtub caddy, with both the hubby and the kiddo being curly heads who swear by the results they feel from these products.

Shea Moisture 10-in-1 Renewal System Superfruit Complex range, from £10.99 RRP, available at Boots, and ASOS

Another way to treat your stressed hair is to give it a nourishing treatment like Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer Pre-Shampoo treatment. It will improve your hair’s elasticity and manageability from the first use. One of the first pre and post shampoo treatments ever possibly, you can adjust how you use it according to your hair type. And with the new cassis & pomegranate fragrance it will leave your hair smelling amazing!

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Pomegranate & Cassis, from £21.00 RRP for 75ml, available at


“Again, more colour products are coming out for ethnic hair and also more temporary hair colours coming out that can be used on dark hair, colours that show without needing to bleach the hair and allow you to play with colour without the commitment.

Expect to see lots of colour on dark hair without bleaching this season so playing with tones that will be visible is key.

Conditioning Colour Enhancing Treatments that also add tone will be a must: opt for violet, red or eggplant for the most on-point results.

Chemical-free no-commitments colours which are safe to use at home are a fantastic option to keep your colour refreshed and looking its best in-between salon visits.” Andrew tells us.

The Maria Nila Colour Refresh range is also a great way to play with colour without the commitment. Not only can you choose from colours like Cherry Red, Peach or Lavender (there’s 16 to choose from, plus a colourless mixer), this masque with non-permanent tones will keep your hair nourished and soft. There’s also the Luminous Colour care range to help keep your colour fresh for longer.

Maria Nila Colour Refresh in Peach, from £12.64 RRP for 100ml, available exclusively online and in store at

Trichologist Anabel Kingsley, says:

“On average, by age 50, 50% of a person’s hair will have turned grey. We go grey when melanin (pigment) cells stop being produced. Grey hair isn’t actually grey – it’s white. It just appears grey as it is interspersed with pigmented hairs. To improve the appearance and condition of grey hairs, I suggest using a shampoo and conditioner that contain violet hues and optical brighteners. Such products help to counteract any yellow or discoloured tones and make hair look healthier and shinier.”

Anabel Kingsley

And with the huge popularity of grey and silver hair popping up everywhere on the ‘gram, be it from celebs bleaching their strands (a la Lady Gaga) or letting their naturals greys shine through, the demand for specific products to care for those delicate tones has increased ever more.

Great for Blondes and both natural or dyed gray or white hair heads that don’t want to go brassy is the Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Range. The purple tones reduce the appearance of yellow discolouration and the products fluoresce under UV light so hair will appear brighter and healthier. Get ready for shiny, glossy hair!

Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Shampoo and Conditioner, from £9.00 RRP for 75ml, available at and selected M&S Stores


“Did you know that the pollution levels in London have been illegal since 2010? If breathing in dirty air wasn’t concerning enough, it’s not just your health that pollution has a detrimental effect on.

Skin and hair form the first and principal barrier exposed to air pollution, providing a biological-shield against induced oxidative stresses. However, prolonged and repeated exposure to pro-oxidative chemicals, UV radiation and physical air pollutants can cause irritation and damage to the skin and hair, leading to deceased collagen levels, skin aging, inflammation of the scalp, hair dryness, itching, dandruff, oiliness, breakage and even hair loss.”

We’re told by the experts at Kèrluxe. Using the knowledge that the skin on our scalp should be treated the same as the skin on our faces, Kerluxe uses advanced skincare ingredients to address scalp concerns to promote healthy hair.

Brushing any treatment through your hair will help coat all the strands more evenly for a deeper, more even absorption, leading to better results. Our favourite for in shower brushing is Wet Brush Shower Brush. And using the Ombre Flex Dry Paddle for styling while blow drying will keep your strands tangle free without snagging or breaking.

Wet Brush Shower Brush in Orange, from £9.99 RRP, available at and Boots

Daniel Galvin’s Love Your Highlight Miracle Solution Detox is specifically designed for highlighted hair in need of a boost. This treatment pack is good for 3 uses and will help clear your hair of product and pollution build up for clearer, brighter highlights.

The treatment is packed full of a unique Vitamin C complex to give you shinier, smoother, cleaner hair in just 1 minute. Because it also smooths the cuticle of the hair strands, it will help keep your hair protected and shiny for longer.

Daniel Galvin Love Your Highlights Miracle Solution Detox, £30.00 RRP, available at and Daniel Galvin Salons

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