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Discover what nude really means by diving into the culturally diverse, and all inclusive beauty brand CTZN Cosmetics...

With genderless cosmetics becoming evermore in demand and being in the forefront of everyone’s minds, we couldn’t be happier to discover newly launched CTZN Cosmetics, the newest brand to cater to everyone, everywhere.

Co-founded by Los Angeles born, Dubai raised, ethnically Pakistani sisters Aleena, Aleezeh and Naseeha Khan, (two of whom I’ve had the pleasure to chat with over tea earlier this month) this breakthrough cosmetics collection includes the NUDIVERSAL Lip Duo and GLOBALM balms.

The NUDIVERSAL Lip Duos are available in an amazing selection of 25 shades of nude, and these double-ended lip products feature a matte lipstick on one end and a translucent lip gloss on the other. The lipstick is infused with wild mango butter to repair dry lips with a smooth texture while imparting intense colour while the lip gloss adds balm-like softness and mirror shine finish. The colour selection is fabulous, incredibly pigmented and with great coverage and they glide on so smoothly and feel fantastic on application.

The GLOBALMS are available in two shades (Clear, being a colourless balm and Pearl having added shimmer for a more sparkly finish), and this multi-purpose dewy truly non-sticky balm functions as lip balm, highlighter or eye gloss. A no-rules product that can add shine anywhere on the face and body. Amazing texture with no icky feel, it’s really great for an all-over added glow.

We’ve worked tirelessly perfecting these formulas to ensure we had a nude lipstick shade for every skin tone – no more mixing required,”

said Naseeha Khan, Co-Founder and Head of Product Curation, who is also a certified makeup artist.

We’ve also developed a ‘Get Matched’ tool on our website, to help shoppers navigate shade matching right from their computer or phone.”

CTZN Cosmetics NUDIVERSAL Lip Duo in Koh Samui

CTZN Cosmetics aims to disrupt the makeup world by not only addressing what they feel is lacking in the current beauty landscape, but also making the necessary advancements. CTZN’s focus is primarily on the underrepresentation of demographic groups by mainstream makeup companies.

During our talk we discussed how many mainstream brands that claim to be aimed at all genders and ethnicities still lacked a wide range of gender and ethnic variety when it came to representation in their product campaigns.

The brand’s first campaign images feature seven models of varying ethnic backgrounds and genders.

The initial concept for CTZN was born during a shopping experience a few years ago in a major beauty retailer,”

said Aleena Khan, Co-Founder and Head of Branding & Marketing.

Not only did we not see anyone in beauty campaigns who looked like us, we also noticed brands failed to consider certain demographics in their product development. There were brands that had named beige tone lipsticks ‘nude’, which completely excludes a vast majority of ethnic groups, whose nudes are in fact far from beige.”

CTZN Cosmetics NUDIVERSAL Lip Duo in Stockholm

In addition to making strides for improved representation, CTZN is working to set the standard of corporate social responsibility in the beauty industry with cruelty free formulas that are strictly paraben free, talc free and vegetarian or vegan wherever possible. The brand would also like to certify their products as kosher and halal in the near future.

With CTZN Cosmetics, we truly aim to redefine the meaning of ‘make-up for all’ by catering to everyone,”

said Aleezeh Khan, Co-Founder and Head of Operations.

To that end, we’ll be leveraging our blog, ‘Of The World’, as an educational platform to highlight people of different backgrounds who can teach us more about their cultures through the world of beauty.”

CTZN Cosmetics NUDIVERSAL Lip Duo in Abu Dhabi

CTZN Cosmetics products are now available for purchase online in North America and Europe. For more information and to shop the CTZN Cosmetics collection, visit

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