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Come meet the Natural Barber Co

How often have you thought about how your grooming products might be damaging the environment? Are they safe for the oceans? Are they sustainably made? Is the packaging truly recyclable? Are the ingredients truly safe for myself as well as the environment around me?

Enter the Natural Barber Co., the first grooming range with completely natural, ocean safe, cruelty free, sustainably sourced, minimal ingredients that actually delivers on results! It’s also plastic free and made in the UK.

The beginnings of the Natural Barber Co. stem from founder Joe Mallory-Skinner’s need for products that would do the job without being damaging. As a musician, he often found himself halfway through a gig with stinging eyes and a messed up hairdo due to the fact that the traditional, synthetically-composed products he was using would melt away and run down onto his eyes. Frustrated with this situation, he did some essential research, got his hands on 5 natural ingredients and went about mixing his own styling product. A key concern for Joe, as he’s also a surfer, was that the product would be ocean safe, completely natural and still perform as a reworkable hair wax should.

“Our credo: Do no harm, leave no trace, venture on. We believe in the positive symbiosis of human and nature. We take responsibility for what we do, and how we do it.

We believe in going above and beyond to make the essential, everyday products in your wash bag better. Not only for your own health, but for our planet’s too. This is a sea-change.

We make barber grade, ocean safe styling products, that are fully natural, sustainably sourced, plastic free, and made in the UK.”

As he created the product, always making sure his ingredients were sourced sustainably and were not harmful to the environment in any way, and started using them, he realised how much better his hair and scalp felt and how well the product worked, he couldn’t believe that nothing like it was yet on the market.

Fast forward a few years (with Joe and his friends being his willing product testers), and with his belief in the circular economy, an industrial system that is restorative or regenerative by intention and design, Joe didn’t stop at creating sustainable and eco-friendly products only for himself. He decided to go above and beyond. His passion for the project spread, attracting the attention of three other industry experts who quickly saw the exciting potential of this range of products he was creating, and so the Natural barber Co. was born with Zeus Pomade and Hades Matte Paste, two reworkable, nourishing styling products you’ll be sure to want to get your hands on!

Hades is a lightweight hold matte thickening paste with a natural no-product finish made with only 8 totally natural ingredients. Ideal for finer to medium hair types of any length.

The Natural Barber Co. Hades Matte Paste, £16.95 RRP at

Zeus is a medium hold pomade with a glossy natural finish made with simply 5 totally natural ingredients. Ideal for taming coarser hair types of any length.

The Natural Barber Co. Zeus Pomade, £16.95 RRP at

With absolutely no added fragrance (since it’s still not properly regulated in the UK and therefore cannot be of certified natural and sustainable sources and can also be a major source of irritations), the products deliver on performance with incredible results! Good for the hair and for the skin!

With more products in the works and scheduled to be out soon, for the time being, The Natural Barber Co. products can be found in select vegan barbers all over the UK and online at

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