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Find out all about Fashion Designer Norma Kamali's new skincare range 'NormaKamaLife'...

Last month we witnessed the UK launch of US based designer Norma Kamali’s new genderless beauty and lifestyle line, NormaKamaLife.

Much like her clothing, Norma’s line is for everyone and designed to make living life easier, instead of constantly worrying about what your skin looks like.

“NormaKamaLife is based on three pillars of a healthy lifestyle, Sleep, Diet, Exercise.”

Wanting to offer men the same level of selfcare products women enjoy, after creating the Wellness Café, where everyone can access alternative selfcare products and practises, she ventured into her SkinLine, which is a simple system with time proven ingredients that work.

The line is sustainable because it’s all the basics you need and anything else you purchase will be a necessary add-on and not just more stuff to go into the “landfill of beauty products drawer”, as she puts it. (I mean, we all have that drawer, don’t we?)

“Sustainability means buying carefully and buying less of everything.”

The line consists of 4 products that come in a clear, reusable bag, which is perfect for traveling or taking to the gym or swimming pool.



  • For men, women, all ages, all genders, all skin colors.
  • A fully democratic range of products for women and men to enhance the natural appearance of face and body.


  • The additional benefit of the Skin Line is that all of the products are activated by massaging them into the skin.
  • The ritual of massaging the products each day before the shower and every time you apply the moisturizers is an addition to your day dedicated to self-care and self-love.


  • Men and women have many issues dividing them at this time. My goal as a feminist and a proponent (per my campaign to stop objectification) is to bring men and women together to share experiences.
  • Here is another good reason for men and women to not only share my products, but engage in sharing rituals together. Who doesn’t love a facial or a foot hand or full massage.

CLEAN – A soap-free face and body cleanser that comes in a smooth black tube that is packed with skin loving ingredients like soothing Aloe and antibacterial charcoal. Massage it onto dry skin until it is activated and you see it slightly changing colour. Rinse and follow with the next step in her line.

SMOOTH – is an exfoliating cleanser for face & body with ground olive pits that smooth and soften the skin. It can also be used for buffing away dead skin cells on the hands and feet, for a luxurious Mani/pedi. Much like the cleanser, you massage onto dry skin until the formula starts changing colour and then rinse.

GLOW – is what Norma calls “the secret sauce to the no-makeup, bare skin look”! The slightly moisturising cream develops like a self-tanner would, but you can play with it like a shade enhancer with a developing colour that adjusts to every skin tone and you apply like makeup. Created to suit every skin tone. If you’re very pale apply like blusher for a sun kissed glow, and if you’ve darker skin, like a bronzer for an highlighted look. You can use as much and as often as you’d like and it should produce an even, glowing finish on the skin. Like every other one of her products it’s for face and body.

Depending on the time of year apply more or less, to suit your needs, and you can use daily. The colour develops within 3 to 4 hours and can last between 2 and 4 days, depending on application. Apply on clean dry skin until fully absorbed and follow with moisturiser, to extend the life of the GLOW.

SOFT – is the line’s everyday moisturiser with patchouli and Eucalyptus, for a true feeling of comfort and wellbeing and it’s also for face & body. The entire line smells amazing. SOFT can be used as a makeup remover with a damp cotton wash cloth or a traditional, all over moisturiser. Personally I find it great for nourishing extra dry skin and as a body moisturiser but a bit much for the oilier skin on my face. Fabulous as a massage cream or for a mini-pedi also.

You can find NormaKamaliLife in store only at Selfridge’s. Prices start at around £25.00.

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