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Lone Design Club X Miin Cosmetics

Recently we saw Lone Design Club partnering with Miin Cosmetics to bring to us some of the best in K-Beauty and introduce us to their staple 10 step Korean Beauty routine. I had the pleasure to attend their Virtual Launch, and via Zoom, watch them demonstrate and introduce the new range of products and have had the chance to try them for myself in the meantime.

The Lone Design Club offers a unique shopping outlet that blends the online and in-store consumer purchasing experience. Cutting through the saturated market of fast-fashion, it connects independent, sustainable brands with like minded consumers that want to consciously purchase one of a kind items.

We are delighted to be partnering with Miin Cosmetics to bring to you a selection of Korea’s best-loved beauty products via our LDC X Miin Cosmetics edit. Miin have long championed local, independent Korean skincare brands giving them a route to market and exposure to Europe. This perfectly echoes LDC ethos and so we’re happy to now be part of that journey, introducing these brands to our UK and global audience.”

LDC CEO Rebecca Morter

Miin Cosmetics selects the best products and latest trends in Korean Beauty to bring to the European Consumer the best of what Korean cosmetics has to offer, the blend of technology and natural ingredients in a fun and reasonably priced selection.

We are excited to collaborate with Lone Design Club as their exclusive Digital Beauty Zone Partners. A partnership banded together by creativity and shared values, despite being separated by the current situation 1000’s of miles apart. What an amazing opportunity to share our passion for K-beauty and to offer carefully curated skin & body care products in the UK!

Miin Cosmetics Sales Manager, Alexandra Archakova

Whether you’ve never heard of K-Beauty before or you’ve long succumbed to its’ wonders, this gorgeous selection will put a little fun and TLC into your skincare routine.

Although the full routine consists of 10 steps, if you’re a “rookie” in the skincare department, you can keep it simple with 5 key steps (Steps 2, 4, 7, 9 and 10)  that you can build up to the 10 steps over time.

Step 1 – Remove Makeup (PM)

For this we recommend the A. by BOM Ultra Watery Eoseongcho Cleanser (£40.45 for 100ml), which is a delightful to use makeup remover balm with a multi-tasking, naturally derived formula and can be used by all skin types.

Step 2 – Cleanse (AM/PM)

The Benton Honest Cleansing Foam can also be used by all skin types (£14.35 for 150gr), and it’s perfect for a daily morning cleanse or second cleanse in the evening after removing your makeup. It’s gently foaming, vegan and naturally derived.

Step 3 – Exfoliate (weekly)

We recommend Benton PHA Peeling Gel (£15.25 for 70ml) for your weekly exfoliation. This gentle peeling gel combines both physical and chemical exfoliating ingredients, making it suitable for even sensitive skins. With Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides to help moisturise and retain hydration. Depending on your skin type and needs, use between 1 to 3 times a week. 

Step 4 – Tone (AM/PM)

The All Natural Blooming Lifting Toner (£21.55 for 130ml) is a great morning and evening toner, particularly for dehydrated and mature skin, as it is rich in hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients. Just gently pat onto clean and dry skin until it’s absorbed.

Step 5 – Mask (weekly)

They have a whole beautiful range of sheet masks available. You can change up your masks, using them depending on what your skin is needing at the time. Full range of sheet masks at LDC here (prices starting from £2.29). 

Personal favourites are the A. by BOM Ultra Floral Leaf Mask for gorgeous hydration and leaving the skin feeling refreshed and revitalised. It’s a 2 step mask which includes two flower shaped patches you can apply to areas of concern, such as the cheeks, under eyes or forehead, for added anti-ageing benefits, the Leaders Too Much Fun in the Sun, especially now with the warmer weather, for a nice pamper and to help soothe, calm and reduce irritation and redness from sun exposure, and the Sweet Dream Deep Sleeping Mask, which is incredibly nourishing and is packed with relaxing ingredients like lavender oil, to help promote a restful sleep.

Step 6 – Essence (AM/PM)

The All Natural Blooming Lifting Essence (£26.09 for 40ml) is great to boost the hydration levels of the skin and also boost the active ingredients of their remaining skincare products, super-powering their benefits. 

Step 7 – Serum (AM/PM)

Choose the A. by BOM Ultra Time Return Eye Serum (£35.05 for 30ml) to add extra care to the eye area, helping fight dark circles or the Urang Pink Everlasting Ampoule (£52.00 for 35ml) for extra hydration and anti-ageing care this with marine collagen rich serum.

Step 8 – Eye Cream (AM/PM)

On offer they have the All Natural Eye Cream (£31.45 for 30gr), a gorgeous, vegan friendly anti-ageing and brightening eye cream to use morning and evening.

Step 9 – Moisturise (AM/PM)

You can choose from the All Natural Blooming Lifting Cream (£29.65 for 50gr) if you have normal to dry skin or the All Natural Blooming Emulsion (£22.45 for 130ml) if your skin is more on the combination or oily spectrum, for daily hydration with plant powered anti-ageing.

Step 10 – Protect (AM)

And never forget to protect your skin with the bestselling Benton Papaya D- Sun Cream (£24.25 for 50gr) SPF 38 with Papaya Fruit Water and both physical and chemical filters which offer both UVA and UVB protection for all skin types without leaving a white cast and while slightly hydrating and brightening the skin.

You can get all your products individually or take advantage of one of the starter bundles the LDC and Miin Cosmetics put together, or look at their body products selection. 

Take advantage of this collaboration and start dipping your toe in the K-Beauty universe, if you haven’t already.

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