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Sisters Wendy and Tracy were just out for a rare (for them) round of window shopping, as you do, although looking for a new foundation brush for Wendy, when they found themselves overwhelmed by all the choices. 

“Deciding to buy the brush first, (to get it out of the way) we found ourselves stumped when we faced a wall with over 100 different types of brushes. Suddenly this simple task seemed a lot more complicated. So, we thought we’d ask for some assistance instead of answers we got questions. What type of foundation did Wendy have? Powder? Liquid? Cream? What kind of hairs would she like? Natural? Synthetic? What shape brush did she like? What colour handle? What?”

Sisters Wendy Slattery, CEO and Tracy Leavy COO, launching Beauty Buddy the app.

 After a few giggles and failed attempts to choose a brush, (they picked a few up, but couldn’t read the tiny tiny tiny printed information at the back – you know what we mean) they took themselves out for a cuppa.

“So, the makeup brushes we were looking at weren’t cheap, so out came our phones and we googled makeup brushes, as you do. However, we were continuously redirected to e-commerce sites selling brushes, none of them providing the information we needed to pick a suitable brush. After a few frustrating minutes we gave up and went for coffee (well tea but everyone says ‘going for a coffee’).“

With no way of knowing which one would actually be the best option they jokingly said “What if there was an app where you could scan the product, get the info you’re looking for and that could help you choose?”

From that joking comment blossomed the idea for the Beauty Buddy, the digital sales assistant that puts the power of beauty in the hands of the consumer. 

82% of smartphone users consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in-store

66% of consumers trust consumer reviews

48% of consumers consult reviews before making a health & beauty purchase online

45% of consumers prefer to shop for cosmetics information from their mobile in-store

The Beauty Buddy app is an inclusive community of Beauty Buddies made up of real, honest, independent and trusted users who connect with each other to learn about and decide which products to buy. The app is a one-stop destination for consumers to discover and review new beauty products from international beauty brands including L’oreal, Charlotte Tilbury, MAC and Blank Canvas, as well as top retailers including Liberty of London. Users build their virtual makeup bags, containing more than just their favourite products. They can also fill them with tutorials and recommendations from influencers, makeup artists and industry experts saving you both time and money.’

Based on the notion that most of us go shopping with a “buddy” to get their opinion or advice on our purchases, and that apart from people inside the beauty industry, skincare geeks and makeup aficionados (we know who we are), the majority of the public will have a hard time knowing what all the different products are for, what do they do, how are they different or similar and which ones would be most appropriate for them. And even though there are beauty consultants available to help you narrow down your choices, we also know they’re not always available and not all brands have them at every single selling point.

The app is available on both the Apple and Play stores and is incredibly simple to use.

  1. Download the Beauty Buddy app from the Apple or Play store
  2. Scan the barcode of a beauty or cosmetic product or search by product name
  3. Beauty Buddy will provide you with live information including directions of use, ingredients, tutorials, ratings, reviews and lots more from other global beauty buddies

Wendy Slattery, Co-Founder and CEO of The Beauty Buddy talks about the growing global community of beauty buddies, Every new user who downloads the app joins our amazing community of Beauty Buddies. As consumers, we can feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the beauty industry, including which products to buy etc. and we waste a lot of time and money (the average woman spends more than €80K -around £72K- during their lifetime on beauty and cosmetic products) on keeping up with the latest trends. The Beauty Buddy allows consumers to take the power into their own hands and provides them with access to a community of like-minded buddies, that allows them to share ratings, reviews, advice, top tips, product recommendations, tutorials, etc. With hundreds of products added daily, consumers can access the app at home, on the go, or whilst in the shops. If a consumer is unsure about a product, they can simply scan or search the product to discover, review and decide about that product, allowing them to make an informed decision whilst decluttering their bathroom cabinets.”

Beauty Buddy has the largest number of product reviews available, all generated by Beauty Buddies within the app. With 66% of consumers saying they trust consumer reviews and 48% of consumers consulting reviews before making a health and beauty purchase online (32% in-store), Beauty Buddy offers consumers a trusted community with access to real and honest advice on which beauty products to try.

Whilst 45% of consumers prefer to look for cosmetics information on their mobile while in-store, Beauty Buddy makes finding the information you need about a product easy. Simply scan or search the product and find the information you need to make your decision, review your favourite and not so favourite products, tell beauty buddies why your favourite mascara is their new must-have, add products to a ‘want’ list as a reminder for when you’re out shopping, view discount codes and access virtual makeup bags of your favourite makeup artists with real beauty buddy reviews on those products.

In addition, Beauty Buddy provides valuable real-time insights and actionable data to beauty and cosmetic brands and industry partners on consumer behaviours, allowing them to identify with the consumer and to create personalised experiences.

They’re currently also creating a database based on consumer profiles, to help you make a choice based on consumer reviews that have a similar profile to your own – ie same skin issues and conditions, same foundation finish requirements, etc. They currently have over 1000 brands on file, and more to join.

Available to download now from the Apple or Play store

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