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Each week for the next 3 weeks, we will be bringing you the beauty trends from this seasons London Fashion Week.

This week we are discovering the nail trends that featured during the course of the week, and we speak to some of the creatives behind the concepts.

SS19 Nail Trends

Block Colour as seen at Wesley Harriott


Wesley Harriott presented different shades of block colour on short nails this season and session manicurist Marie-Louise Coster explained to us why. “ For Wesley Harriott the designer, Ricky, was happy for me to do whatever I felt would fit so I liaised with the stylist and we decided on a block colour for the nails but using 4 different colours – depending on the outfit being worn.  Again we used ORLY, a combination of breathable and standard polishes in Mirror Mirror, White Tips, Sheer Luck and Glowstick. The Wesley Harriott show was a presentation so the set that had been created for the models had a real edgy feel, combined with the feminine designs so the nails needed to be bold and powerful.

& Fyodor Golan


Pearlized Block Nail Colour for Fyodor Golan finished the looks perfectly.

Detailed as seen at Yuhan Wang


Once again created by Fabulous Manicurist Marie-Louise Coster, these were unique in their detail and we asked Marie-Louise a few more questions why. What was your inspiration when creating the looks for LFW? Beyond the theme of the collection, how did you come by your interpretation for it, what else inspired you?

“With Yuhan Wang the designer herself had a very clear vision of the design she wanted on the nails which was a nude base with a red dot.  I used ORLY breathable as the base in Nourishing Nude and standard ORLY polish in Haute Red for the dot, and she was really pleased with the result. The collection was very feminine and the nails were soft, so worked really well.”

How much of what you create is due to product innovation and how much of it do you find you still have to create yourself to get the results you want?

“Products have come such a long way that generally speaking there is very little I need to do myself.  Occasionally I will need to mix products to create colour – especially if I want to create jelly nails – but there are so many brands and so many products available it makes my life much easier!”

How much of what you and your fellow artists created do you believe will filter through the trends to mainstream, everyday use?

“As with all elements of fashion what is seen on the catwalk will influence and filter into mainstream, maybe not always in the form you see on the catwalk but it will certainly influence nail designs in the salon. Some styles and designs are much more wearable and can be recreated completely. For example, the nails I created for Yuhan Wang were simple, stylish and could easily be worn in everyday life in a variety of situations. Other nails that you see that may be extreme in length or be heavily jewelled would not be conducive to everyday wear but elements will be extracted and transferred and created into daily wearable nail designs. So I think the catwalk very much influences what we create in the salon. Personally, I have a frame of designs that I will create on plastic nails that will be seasonal and in-keeping with fashion trends, these designs give clients ideas and examples of what they could have to give a twist to their standard manicure.”

Multi-toned as seen at Ada Zanditon

Model_singer Marta

Holographic Pink and pretty for the Candyland Fantasy created for Ada Zanditon. Longer length and stiletto shaped tips still came on strong this season.

Nude & Natural at JJS Lee


Nude & Natural nails will always be a hit. From Victoria BeckHam to JJS Lee, pretty polished and natural looking is always a bet you’ll be sure to see again and again at the shows.

In summary – the trends are simple yet effective, most have steered clear of overly complex details or designs, but nails are still a prominent part of the overall looks on the runways, and we are excited to see how this translates into the street style in the upcoming months.

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