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Face Workouts with Noele Hammett

Skin & Wellbeing Specialist and Founder of One Skin

A 30 year veteran in the beauty sector, Noele’s passion is working with clients, helping them achieve their skin goals, and create bespoke routines. Still working in her Essex based clinic, she found that clients were desperately missing their regular facial appointments, having been in lockdown for so long. And with no predicted date to return to business, she decided to create the Skin Workouts program, where you can sign up for classes on the One Skin website, and you can do Face Yoga, Face Aqua and Face Pump.

They are group Zoom Classes, and each routine can be slightly customised to address your specific concerns. 

Thank you so much for joining me for our first ever Face Yoga session last night. Remember that you can use the techniques yourself at home between our Zoom sessions, just a few minutes a day can have a massive impact.” – Noele Hammett

I attended the first Face Yoga Class this Thursday, and I can say, even though it’s not as blissful an experience as having expert hands give you a facial massage while you’re completely relaxed (it’s difficult to beat), it’s pretty darn close! The exercises were great to relieve tension, improve blood circulation, and tone the skin and it left me with a wonderful healthy glow, much like when you leave the facial therapists’ room after a session! Noele is brilliant, and the sessions are fun and relaxed. She guides you through the massage techniques and where the pressure points are to relax you, alleviate tension and stimulate skin. Each class has sessions once a week (there’s a full schedule on their website). 

I highly recommend you sign up, join her classes, and have yourself a little workout!

Sessions are £10.00 each or you can buy an unlimited pass for July, which gives you access to ALL classes this month, for only £25.00!

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