A little while back I was introduced to this amazing haircare brand Flora & Curl, who’s ethos is to make truly natural, plant powered haircare to nourish, hydrate, soothe and protect curly hair. They combine nature’s most active botanical ingredients such as Aloe, Honey, Rose Water, Pro Vitamin B, Lavender, Calendule, Jasmine and Siberian Ginseng to create healthy hair food. They believe that what you put on your hair and scalp is important, which is why they begin with clean, gentle ingredients. Whilst my own hair isn’t naturally curly, I’m surrounded by curly haired beauties in my life who gladly tested them for me and told me all about their findings. (I also trialled it myself, but not being curly haired I couldn’t really see the full benefits).

Founded and formulated by Rose Ovensehi in 2011 who wanted to restore the health of her scalp after returning natural (meaning, she stopped chemically straightening her hair, allowing it’s natural curl to return), the London-based Flora & Curl collection promises to harness the power of ‘Flora’ (plant life) to naturally care for all curl types.

From hydrating mists and refreshing clays to protecting shampoos and nourishing, creamy conditioners, each product has been specially formulated to combine nature’s most active botanical ingredients to create moisturising and nourishing formulas for dry scalps and textured hair.

Designed to be kind to hair, and simplify everyday haircare regimens, the range has been formulated for people who want results without the use of harsh chemicals which can disrupt the natural balance of the scalp and often prevent moisture, exacerbating dry hair and scalp. Dedicated to clean, thoughtful formulas that offer outstanding results, Flora & Curl products do not contain any harsh, damaging or harmful chemicals or substances and are completely free from silicones, SLS, drying alcohols, phthalates, mineral oil, parabens, coal tar, artificial dyes or colours and synthetic fragrances.

What’s more, as part of their commitment to supporting charities and non-profit organisations who are working to change the lives of women around the globe, a proportion of each sale of the collection is donated to both the She’s the first and Womankind organisations whose work is dedicated to providing mentorship, support, knowledge and education to girls around the world.

And they boast the following collections:

Organic Rose & Honey Cream Conditioner, RRP £19.00 for 300ml
Organic Rose & Honey Leave-In Detangler, RRP £19.00 for 300ml
Organic Rose & Honey Cream Shampoo, RRP £16.00 for 300ml

Water is essential to maintaining a good level of general health and the hair is no different. The Hydrate Me collection boasts four fabulously hydrating products that feature a blend of super hydrating botanicals such as organic Rose Water, Hibiscus and Jasmine with Pro Vitamin-B, Aloe and honey. Each adds a deep hydration boost to tired, lacklustre hair to intensively moisture and promote good hair health.

And their hero product, Jasmine Oasis Hair Mist

Jasmine Oasis Hair Mist, RRP £22.00 for 250ml
This super lightweight mist will keep curls hydrated without weighing them down. This botanically charged infusion will reactivate and recharge dry, brittle curls, turning them soft, supple and full of bounce.
African Citrus Superfruit Hair Oil, £25.00 for 200ml
A potent yet lightweight blend of over 10 plant oils. Superfruit oils of Avocado, Papaya and Watermelon combined with antioxidant-rich, Saharan protective oils of Jojoba, Kalahari and Baobab work to protect dry and damaged hair. A silicone-free, 100% natural oil, it leaves finished styles with radiance and smooths the cuticle to prevent frizz and fly-aways.

Prevention is most definitely better than cure when caring for your hair. The Protect Me range uses a blend of plant oils rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and anti-oxidants including Sweet Orange and Argan oil to protect dull and weather-worn hair naturally. This duo of protective hair treatments is ideal for hair that has been exposed to extreme weather conditions and over-styling and provides curls with
daily protection from styling and the elements.

African Citrus Superfruit Shampoo, £16.00 for 300ml
The absolutely  delectable and energetic scent of Tangerines and Sweet Oranges is the first think I noticed from this shampoo. It lathers beautifully and thoroughly cleanses hair without weighing it down, whilst forming a protective barrier. Natural antioxidants and Vitamin E present in Argan Oil protect curls while adding radiance and shine to dull hair.
Sweet Hibiscus Curl Defining Gel, RRP £16.00 for 300ml
Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion, RRP £17.00 for 300ml

This range was formulated to add definition, shine and volume to curls. Botanically infused with pure, curl-loving natural ingredients to deliver healthy definition every application.

Flower Garden Hair Butter Concentrate, RRP £24.00 for 120g
Their signature hair butter is a pink, velvety textured treat with the sweet and grounding essence of freshly picked Rose petals. Formulated to leave curls feeling truly baby-soft with a nourishing base of Shea Butter, Camellia Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. It melts into strands to feed it shine and soft definition without the crunch, perfect for styling twist and braid outs.


Nourish both curls and scalp with 7 stimulating floral extracts including Lavender, Hibiscus and their Root Blossom Complex™ .


A gentle clay wash formula designed specifically for curls, to clarify and refresh them while gently purifying the scalp. 

Coconut Mint Curl Refresh Clay Wash, RRP £22.00 for 240g
Clarifying your curls and scalp helps to remove stubborn product build up. This clay-based cleansing treatment, when activated with water, absorbs dirt, build-up and other impurities from the scalp. Earth clays of Bentonite and Moroccan Rhassoul gently exfoliate the scalp, removing dandruff and flakiness and curls become more defined and softer. This unique, no-lather formula is non-drying and gentle. It is naturally infused with Lavender and Eucalyptus oils.

Flora & Curl is available in the UK from

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