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Genderless Fragrances to try this Winter!

The change of the season from Summer to Autumn should be a time of change and renewal. As nature sheds its leaves in preparation for Winter, so should we swap out the light and fresh scents of Summer for something a little warmer, spicier and more woody. These are some of our favourite unique scents this season that are sure to keep you smelling fabulous!

Ormonde Jayne Fragrances

Route de Soie Collection, each £135.00 for 50ml, available at Ormonde Jayne

Ormonde Jayne Perfumery is independently owned by Linda Pilkington who registered her perfume house exactly 20 years ago on November 20, 2000 at Company House in London. Linda Pilkington is the only female British perfumer to independently own her own perfume house and reach the milestone of 2O YEARS.  All Ormonde Jayne products are hand made from their own studio in Kent.

Beautifully and uniquely crafted fragrances that take you back to the origins of perfumery, and the personal touch each fragrance should have to each individual. 

The bottles are beautifully crafted 8 facet glass and just made to take place of pride on your dressing table. All fragrances are proudly gender neutral.

Inspired by a book, Linda was fascinated by the Silk Route and started reading more about the fauna and flora found along the silk road. Plans originally were to travel the Silk Route and experience it all first hand, but with 2020 turning about unexpectedly, those plans were put on hold. But the fragrances that it inspired were still crafted.

A thousand years ago, the vast trade paths from Peking to Paris carried more than just silk and precious commodities. Ideas, cultures and beliefs were shared across continents for the first time: from alcoholic drinks to the number Zero  – as well as science, art and literature. The Silk Road became a route of dialogue, diversity and understanding. “

7 gorgeous scents, Damask, Byzance, Levant, Indus, Tanger, Xandria and X’ian, with hints of spices, fruits and floral tones to entice just about everyone.

Personal favourites around here are Damask, a subtle floral fruity fragrance where the top (head) notes of Blackcurrant, Italian Lemon and Pear are subtly and distinctly interwoven with the heart of Rose, Jasmine and Pinkberries and the smooth, warmer undertones of the soul (base notes) of Mineral Amber (which is a bit like cedarwood), Musk and Vetiver, lending it a smooth lingering warm berry-floral quality and Levant, a gorgeously fresh, citrusy, light, slightly fruity but not too sweet fragrance were the top notes of Bergamot, Mandarin, Tangelo and Rose Petals come through straight away then the delicate heart notes of Lily of the Valley, Peony, Orange Blossom and Jasmine start to develop and come across lending it a unique clean, lingering scent and finally the soul notes of Cedar Wood, Amber and Musk make themselves noticed, ever so subtly, enhancing the truly uniquely classic nature of the fragrance.

4711 Floral Collection, each £18.00 for 100ml, available at Boots

From classic Cologne house 4711 comes their new floral collection. The bottle design is just as beautifully vintage as the original.

With elegant nuances of Rose, Jasmine and Lilac, 4711’s new Floral Collection of fragrances is inspired by the Original Eau de Cologne combined with soft floral, mellow touches. A beautiful choice for those who appreciate the iconic character of the 4711 Original Eau de Cologne and like the idea of it having a floral “twist”. The Rose Fragrance has a vibrant, fresh start with top notes of Mandarin, Green Tea and Bergamot which then introduces the light, floral composition. At the heart of the bouquet, the delicate, fruity aroma of Rose is enveloped by a touch of Freesia and Cyclamen. Nestled beneath are base notes of Soft Musk and Sandalwood. This is a delicate and soft fragrance that enchants with its romantic aura.

The Jasmine Fragrance starts with a light and citrus-fresh prelude of a trio of Neroli, Tea and Bergamot that gently surrounds the opulent Jasmine Blossoms, which exude floral sensuality in the heart of the fragrance. In the background woody nuances and the velvety aroma of the Tonka Bean with a hint of Musk ensure a lasting, pleasurable fragrance. Charismatic and graceful, this is a sensual fragrance to entice.

The Lilac Fragrance with its distinctive sweet scent of lilac in all its sumptuous facets is accompanied by fresh, light fragrance notes such as Bergamot, Freesia and Peach. In the base note, the composition culminates in a cloud of Musk and Sandalwood. It’s like an invigorating caress that invokes Spring and lifts the spirit.

Obviously being Colognes, they might not be as long lasting as an Eau de Parfum, but the price point for these gorgeous fragrances won’t break the bank and with how good they are, you can just treat yourself to all 3!

The Organic Pharmacy  Organic Glam Orange Blossom Fragrance, £150.00 for 100ml, available at The Organic Pharmacy

The Orange blossom captures the spirit of its namesake incredible flower in a fragrance that is fresh but sensual. This uplifting fragrance opens with the scent notes of Brazilian Tangerine, Green Mandarin and Sweet Orange then moving to the heart with appealing Moroccan Orange Blossom and a lingering hint of Rosewood at the base. It’s fresh, it’s sensuous, it’s gorgeous. 

Clean Reserve Fragrances

Avant Garden Collection Hemp & Ginger Eau De Parfum, £129.00 for 100ml, available at Space NK stores, and

Top Marks for this Eco-Conscious, Sustainable brand. The gorgeous packaging and bottle deserve prime spot on any dressing table. Noted as being in the spicy-woody family it has a beautiful Fresh-floral top note of Bergamot with a hint of that Ginger spice coming through, a soft warm heart with Cardamom and Sichuan Pepper and a smooth smoky-woody base of Oud and Saffron that lingers just right. It’s an absolutely gorgeous fragrance for any gender!

Another fave from them is the Rain (Reserve Blend) Eau De Parfum (£82.00 for 100ml also available at Space NK)

A watery musk scent, this beautifully fresh, delicate fragrance hints of fresh Bergamot, Waterlily and Chilled Cucumber top notes blended with a heart of Dewy White Flowers, Cyclamen and Muguet in a base of Rainforest Vetiver, Patchouli and Clean Musks. Perfect for lovers of that everyday clean, fresh scent that is reminiscent of rainy summer days. Like all their fragrances, this is gender neutral and perfect for layering with some of their other fragrances (like Warm Cotton) to create your own custom blend.

YSL Libre Intense, £103.50 for 100ml, available at The Fragrance Shop

Walking the line between masculine and feminine, the new Eau De Parfum Intense from classic fashion and fragrance house Yves Saint Laurent, brings a fierce sensuality to the LIBRE floral signature. The EDP Intense is emboldened by a melting floral heart where a flamboyant Orchid Accord blazes with sensuality. The fragrance reveals creamy and smoky facets before unveiling a woody-ambery base which fuses smooth Vanilla and Vetiver for depth and intensity, making it an ideal warm winter scent.

SHIRO PERFUME Fragrances, each from £95.00 for 50ml, available at

Their new genderless fragrance collection has a lineup of 12 gorgeously crafted scents, created by perfumers from around the world— from Asia, America, and Europe— taking inspiration from their memories and experiences to create these truly unique perfumes. In place of water, SHIRO PERFUME uses distilled Yuzu and Japanese Mugwort water which adds richness and deepness to ingredients carefully selected by the perfumers. Our top choices for Winter fragrances are Bon Wood, a unique fresh-woody fragrance which balances top notes of Bergamot, Mandarin and Spicy notes with an heart of Jasmine on a base of Vanilla, Amber, Patchouli and Cedarwood, giving you reminiscences of walking in the forest thick, lush with its fresh green and woody scents. Spice of Life is a warm-spicy creation that starts with top notes of Ginger, Black Pepper and Bergamot woven with a heart of Rose, Cardamom and Cinnamon and lingers with a base of Incense and Woody notes, made to entice lovers and evoke sensual memories and Smoked Leather is a warm-smoky fragrance that evokes the incredible power of nature with its top notes of Nutmeg and Ginger, middle notes of Cashmeran and Amber and base notes of Vetiver and Incense. 

Art de Parfum Fragrances, each £114.00 for 50ml Extrait, available from

Niche fragrance house Art de Parfum has a beautiful selection of ethically crafted, unisex scents for all year round, but they have some sensual, smoky scents to see you through the colder seasons in style. Think of fragrances that might take you on a walk through an ancient forest on a cold winter’s day, catching the hint of sweet wood smoke on the air, and afterwards, being cosy at home with a glass of mulled wine. All fragrances are just positively gorgeous, as is the packaging. Le Joker is a powdery-woody scent, with top notes of Pink Pepper, Elemi and Timur Pepper, which is still uncommon in perfumery, with its tropical-spicy tone, sparklingly lemony with passion fruit nuances, lending the fragrance a uniquely playful quality, heart notes of Star Anise and Nutmeg and a base of Atlas Cedarwood, Cypriol and Patchouli, a dichotomy of light and shadow, playful and dark, it evokes a daringness in the wearer. Sensual Oud is a more classical Woody-floriental fragrance, with its notes of Patchouli, smoky Oud and Cypriol at the base, but interwoven with a heart of Saffron, Suede and Rose, to lend it a soft, sweet floral core and top notes of Clove, Geranium Leaf and Date, to add some lightness and freshness to an otherwise austere fragrance. Softness and strength, smoke and sweetness, it’s the core of this uniquely french-oriental creation. And Excentrique Moi is a delightful woody-floral, with sweet and fruity top notes of Red Fruits, Clove Buds and Pepper, a herbal heart of Black Tea, Hibiscus and Guaiac Wood on a warm earthy base of Patchouli Oil, White Musk and Cedar. It shifts restlessly from fruit to forest to smoke like storm clouds seen racing across the reflection in a glass of absinthe. Ever changing, it’s a fragrance to reflect one’s moods.

BESPOKE LONDON Sweet Spice & Sandalwood Eau De Parfum, £9.99 for 30ml, available from Superdrug stores and online at

This fragrance will match your rush and high adrenaline lifestyle with its top notes vibrant explosion of Saffron, Coriander Seeds, Nutmeg, Bergamot and Neroli, followed by a softer core of Lentisque, Orange Blossom, Rose and Jasmine. As you wind down, so will this fragrance, turning into a lingering combination of Cedarwood, Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cistus Labdanum, Incense and Guaiac Wood at the base. Designed for men, suitable for everyone.

Valeur Absolue Confiance Eau de Parfum, £88.00 for 100ml, available at

This vegan, sustainable brand has an alternative approach to fragrance. A collection of seven self-care scents, harnessed into a collection of perfumes, body oils and candles to evoke positive energy and help you reveal your full potential.

Rather than choosing a fragrance dependent on preference of scent and seasonality in which it is to be worn or enjoyed, Valeur Absolue, named the ‘elixir of wellbeing’, uses aromachology and lithotherapy to provide consumers with everyday ‘rituals’ to be worn or used to enhance their lives.

The Confiance Eau de Parfum has an intense and reassuring scent, with oriental tones, inspired by the warm and enveloping properties of the Bourbon vanilla pod and essential oils of Benjoin.  The spices of Clove and Cinnamon merge delicately with the creaminess of the Peach Confit and the refined warmth of Amber to create a wonderful, gentle cocooning scent. An elixir of well-being thanks to the addition of the beneficial properties of natural Vanilla, of the minerals Calcium and Potassium and a natural extract of the Immortelle Flower, which stimulates the release of beta endorphins.

Semi-precious Cornelian stones, which are a symbol of confidence and  action, reflect the positive and warm aura of this perfume.

A note from the founder, Benedicte Foucart

“I think it’s very important to start each day with the right energy in order to ‘be the absolute you’ and express your full potential. Our perfume-elixirs contain pure treasures of nature that we believe can enhance well-being and put more smiles into women’s lives.”

Kudos to Valeur Absolue  for giving back! While the end product is responsible, the brand’s approach to social sustainability is too. In 2019, they are supporting E.L.I (Eurasia Learning Institute created by former Program Director of the Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan, that promotes Happiness within schools and corporations). Moreover, they are consistent supporters of the UNICEF’s programme for girl’s education. Within their own company, they’ve created a foundation called “Be The Absolute You”, further promoting these notions of self-realisation and happiness.

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