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Hands, Nails and Cuticles, Cuticles!

 Now more than ever we find ourselves looking for hand products that will be caring to our hands and the environment. From the now mandatory hand sanitisers (with effective alcohol contents as well as skin loving ingredients) to the ever present in our handbags hand creams, to cuticle oils, we bring you the best offers in natural based, sustainable products out there!

To Sanitise:

Nereus London Eucalyptus & Fresh Ginger Antibacterial Hand Gel, RRP £10.00, available at 

This Premium, Plastic-Free Hand Gel is enriched with Eucalyptus & Fresh Ginger Essential Oils. The Ginger Extract Nereus uses is captured via a carbon dioxide extraction process that better captures the aromas of freshly cut ginger versus the usual oil-based process that simply does not capture it with this level of freshness. It  also sinks in quickly into skin.

The product comes in a perfect pocket-size to ensure your hands are kept clean and safe, without the plastic impact. Expertly designed to effectively kill 99% of harmful germs and bacteria with UK Government recommended 70% Alcohol. Personal favourite for the scent alone!

Plus, for every bottle sold, 1 kg of ocean-bound plastic will be recovered from areas worst hit by the plastic crisis, in a partnership with Plastic Bank.

Green People, Deep Cleansing Hand Foam, RRP £11.50  for 100ml, available at

This innovative eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free 2-in-1 organic hand wash and sanitiser harnesses the power of naturally antibacterial Tea Tree and Manuka. Formulated with 91% certified organic ingredients, it can be used with water at home for a thorough hand wash or used on its own for on-the-go hand sanitation. Freshly scented with light notes of Lemon Tea Tree, it contains moisture-retaining Aloe Vera and is also free from skin-drying alcohol, making it gentle to sensitive skins. 

The Organic Pharmacy Aloe Disinfecting Hand Spray, RRP from £9.50 for 50ml, available at

The Aloe Disinfecting Hand Spray is an effective and 97% organic alternative to traditional hand sanitisers. Naturally antibacterial and antiseptic, it helps to disinfect hands with the 70% organic origin alcohol and the natural oils of Tea Tree and Lavender. With added Aloe Vera and Glycerine to provide gentle soothing and moisturising benefits to over worked hands. It can also be used to sanitise surfaces, if needed.

ishga Certified Organic Hand Sanitiser, RRP £14.00 for 150ml, available at

The ishga Hand Sanitiser is a new, brilliant, skin-friendly, hydrating and uplifting hand cleanser that is both effective and sensorial, bringing a beautiful spa-like experience to this daily necessity.

COSMOS Organic certified by the Soil Association, the formula combines ishga’s unique Fucus Serratus Seaweed Extract, which contains natural Polyphenols, rich antioxidants that help to protect the skin, with a unique blend of antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial essential oils. These include Lavender, Lemongrass, Juniper and Rose Geranium which ensure a mini spa moment with every use, while offering additional anti-viral qualities. With 78% Organic Ethanol, which is highly effective at breaking down the fatty lipid bilayer that holds a virus together effectively destroying the virus. 

Also available in a handy travel sized (30ml). 

Made for Life Organics Botanical Hand Sanitiser, RRP £6.75 for 50ml, available at and selected retailers

This Made For Life Organics botanical antibacterial and anti-viral hand sanitiser uses a 64.98% Alcohol and Organic Essential Oils blend to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, for hygienic hand cleansing on the go. Containing a purifying blend of Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Lavendin, this all-natural formulation will leave hands feeling clean, purified and fresh smelling, with no sticky residue. Perfect to keep on your desk or in your bag. And the glass packaging is 100% recyclable.

To Wash:

Made For Life Organics Organic Hand and Body Wash, RRP £15.00 for 300ml, available at

 Refresh, sanitise and uplift with this gorgeous blend of fragrant, uplifting 79% Organic Oils and Botanical ingredients created for the softest, most soothing cleanse. This aromatic and gently foaming Organic Hand and Body Wash is soothing, moisturising and ideal to cleanse even the most sensitive of skins. The handwash is enriched with extracts of moisturising and fragrant Ylang Ylang, healing Geranium and soothing Aloe Vera leaf. 

Tisserand Aromatherapy Tea Tree and Aloe Vera Purifying Hand Wash, RRP £8.95 for 295ml, available at

 Formulated by experts and specially blended to harness the power of naturally antibacterial Tea Tree essential oil and the hydrating properties of Aloe Vera, this hand wash purifies & deep cleanses skin, with unrivalled refreshing results. The blend includes Grapefruit, Lemon and Ho Wood which help leave skin soothed, clear and refreshed. If you’re not a fan of the scent of Tea Tree, this might not be for you, as that is very much the prevailing fragrance, but it’s in no way overpowering.

Faith In Nature’s Grapefruit and Orange Hand Wash, RRP £4.39 for 400ml, available at

Grapefruit and Orange are both known for their cleansing qualities, and this hand wash gets it’s zesty citrus aroma from them and added Organic Orange Oil to help energise your day. Absolute winner on it’s refreshing, zingy, citrus scent alone! Its 100% natural fragrance is packed with essential oils. Breathe deep, and relax with this gorgeously scented hand wash. What’s more, just like all Faith In Nature’s products, this hand wash is Vegan, made with natural ingredients, free from Parabens and SLS, made in the UK and the packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable. The hand wash range also includes Lavender and Geranium, Aloe Vera and Tea Tree, Coconut, Seaweed & Citrus and Dragonfruit fragrances. Also love the Faith In Nature 5 Litre Handwash refills, which are a bulk buy hand wash refill option that provides great value and offers a more sustainable way of reducing plastic waste. Available in Lavender and Geranium, Aloe Vera & Tea Tree and Wild Rose fragrances. The 5L bulk buy option also has 100% recyclable packaging, making this a great eco hand wash refill option. 

Green People Manuka & Lemon Tea Tree Antibacterial Hand Wash, RRP £13.00 for 300ml, available at

This antibacterial and organic hand wash is hygienic, ecological and kind to hands. Thanks to its entirely natural formula, hands are left clean and feeling moisturised. Formulated with 83% certified organic ingredients, it contains Tea Tree & Manuka which are natural antibacterial ingredients. Really beautiful wash for the whole family, even the little ones, but particularly anyone with drier skin, as it feels really nourishing. If you’re not so fussed about fragrance but keen to keep clean, opt for the Everyday Hand Wash as this gentle yet effective hand wash is scent free making it ultra-kind to fragrance-sensitive skin, no matter what age. Naturally cleansing to leave hands germ-free without stripping them of their natural moisture. Enriched with organic Aloe Vera to nourish and nurture, this everyday wash is designed for frequent use throughout the day. Both formulas are vegan, cruelty-free and free from SLS.

Alteya Organics Liquid Soaps, RRP from £6.95 for 250ml, available at and

The organic liquid soap is available in blends of Geranium Rose, Chamomile & Calendula, Grapefruit & Orange, Lavender & Aloe and Citrus & Mint. Each blend is unique yet all are enriched with Coconut, Sweet Almond and Olive Oils, for their nourishing and skin soothing properties. Personally I love the Grapefruit & Orange and the Citrus & Mint, because I prefer those fresher scents, but the Chamomile & Calendula is gorgeously soothing.

With its mild and balanced formula it gently and effectively cleanses, leaving skin feeling smooth and moisturized. It creates a rich lather and delicately helps maintain the natural moisture balance of the skin. USDA Certified Organic. formulated with natural and organic plant-based ingredients, delicately scented with pure essential oils, leaves skin clean, soft and comfortable, Perfect for all skin types, Suitable for daily use. 

Solid Soap Bars:

Eco Warrior Chill-Out Hand & Body Bar, RRP £4.50 for 100g, available at Superdrug

This nourishing hand & body bar is ideal for winding down at the end of the day. With its unique blend of relaxing pure essential oils including Lavender, Sweet orange and May Chang, to help promote a feeling of calm and relaxation as you wash.

 Great for bedtime washing or just to shut yourself away from the world for some chill out time. Made with Shea Butter, a natural emollient, rich in antioxidants, to create a creamy rich lather that will leave your skin feeling moisturised and beautifully cleansed. 99.9% Naturally Derived, Plant based, 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free, free from SLS, Sulfates and parabens, plastic free and 100% biodegradable.

Made For Life Organics Organic Soap, RRP £9.00 for 125g, available at

Made for Life Organics product photography ©Exposure Photo Agency Ltd

A 98% organic soap with neutral pH that is delicately scented with Ylang Ylang, Lavender & Geranium essential oils and perfectly balanced for even the most sensitive skin. Soften and soothe your skin and cherish your hands with this truly lush scented soap which is also a perfect choice for a relaxing bath time treat.  

Tisserand Rose & Geranium Leaf Soap, RRP £4.50 for 100g, available at

Wash germs away, boost your mood and keep skin soft and comfortable with this natural formulas infused with 100% natural pure essential oils. The Rose & Geranium Leaf Soap has a beautiful floral fragrance bursting with enriching Rose and balancing Geranium Leaf pure essential oils. Expertly blended with Sweet Almond Oil, this soap creates a rich skin-soothing lather to protect and pamper the skin. 

Faith In Nature’s Lavender Soap, RRP £2.29 for 100g, available at

Harness the soothing powers of Lavender Essential Oils to soothe the skin while effectively and gently removing dirt and bacteria. This natural hand-made hand soap bar is a fragrant, plastic-free option that offers a more sustainable way of reducing waste when washing your hands, perfect for anyone wanting to be as kind to the environment as they are to their skin. Faith In Nature’s hand soaps are the recent Silver winner in the ’Best Natural Hand Soap Product’ category of the Global Green Beauty Awards 2020. Other scents available include Orange, Dragon Fruit, Aloe Vera and there’s also a Fragrance Free option.

To Moisturise:

Subtle Energies Ayurveda Aromatherapy Rose & Cardamon Hand Cream, RRP £35.00 for 50gr, available at

The intense, creamy formula of this hand cream is quickly absorbed and is designed to protect hands from the harsh conditions they are exposed to on a daily basis, like excess washing and sanitising, leaving them feeling soft and rejuvenated.

The delicate and exotic scents of Rose and Gul Heena, a rich, woody, essential oil traditionally used in Indian Ayurvedic therapies , blend together with Cardamon in this rich hand cream in a unique aromatherapy hand haven, whilst delivering intense moisture therapy. Enriched with Calendula to help deliver extra comfort to dry, irritated skin. 

WELEDA Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream, RRP £11.95 for 50ml, available at

This Award winning hand cream (it was the Winner of an Ethical Living Favourite award), provides intensive care for dry hands. The combination of precious organic Sea Buckthorn Oil and Sesame Oil supports the natural functions of the skin and helps to keep hands soft. 

The vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids in it help protect the hands from dehydration; dry hands are softened, becoming more supple and smooth. Its essential oils blend with Grapefruit, Sweet Mandarin and Sandalwood provide a fresh fruity fragrance and penetrate quickly without leaving a greasy film or residue. Used daily, this rich cream helps to rediscover your hand’s natural softness, even on very dry, rough skin. Possibly one of my all time favourites for very dry hands. Suitable for vegetarians.

ishga Hydrating Hand Cream, RRP £29.50 for 100ml, available at

The ishga Hydrating Hand Cream heals and nourishes the hands while creating a protective barrier from environmental damage. Certified organic by the Soil Association, the formula combines Fucus Serratus Extract, ishga’s potent seaweed extract with a combination of skin hydrating ingredients including Argan Oil and Aloe Vera, plus an uplifting blend of nurturing, skin nourishing essential oils, Rose Geranium, Patchouli and Mandarin Red. Ishga’s Hydrating Hand Cream also contains the ancient skin healing remedy Lus Nan Laogh (Lus-Na-Loy) which has been used throughout the centuries in the Hebridean Islands in Scotland to treat skin conditions. This is an ancient Hebridean skin healing tonic made from the aquatic plant Menyanthes Trifoliata. Grown in shallow peaty bottomed lochs in the Hebrides, this unique plant produces feathery white flowers in the Spring, and its roots and leaves have reportedly been keeping Hebrideans healthy for generations. Harvested in June and July when the flowers have formed, the plants are simmered in spring water for 3-4 hours to extract the active ingredients. The resulting tonic was used as a drink and has been used to heal skin conditions including wounds, skin rashes, inflammation, itching, and eczema. The result is an incredibly soothing and moisturising hand cream which when used daily helps hands become visibly smoother and more youthful looking.

Green People Everyday Hand Cream, RRP £15.00 for 300ml, available at

If you like to use something that is fragrance free, opt for the Everyday Hand Cream which is incredibly hydrating and great for overly sensitive or reactive skins. Glycerine-rich and moisture binding, it locks in nourishment to soften and protect the skin against moisture loss. Rapeseed oil delivers the nutritive benefits of Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids, essential for healthy skin. Vegan, scent-free and suitable for all the family. You can also choose their Manuka & Lemon Tea Tree Hand Cream if you’d rather have something slightly scented. This organic hand cream offers naturally antibacterial nourishment for dry hands. Formulated with 91% certified organic ingredients, Lemon Tea Tree oil supports the natural healing of dry, chapped hands, blended with Manuka which is well known for its natural antimicrobial activity. Shea butter and Olive squalene lock in moisture, restoring dry, chapped skin.

 The Organic Pharmacy Marigold & Comfrey Hand Cream, RRP £21.95 for 50ml, available at

This gorgeous blend of healing Calendula (also known as Marigold) and organic Comfrey (which is known for its healing properties) soothes the skin in this easily absorbed hand and cuticle treatment cream which is recommended for everyday use. Enriched with Shea Butter and Coconut, Jojoba and Sesame Oils to nourish, hydrate and soothe and Cold-Pressed Lemon Oil to provide an uplifting and invigorating, fresh scent. Remember to pay special attention to cuticles when applying, for extra care. 

To Care for Nails:

Cienna Rose Overnight Success – Overnight Revival Mask for Dry & Brittle Nails, RRP £10.50, available at

From gorgeous vegan, cruelty-free, natural nail brand Cienna Rose, this is a brilliant overnight treatment to renew and revive tired dry & brittle nails. It’s a water based Nail Mask formula enriched with a combination of Pro Vitamin B5, Synthetic Urea (a water binding, moisturising ingredient) and Star Seaweed that infuses dry and brittle nails and stimulates healthy nail growth. Apply the mask at night before bedtime and leave on to infuse until morning time and then rinse clean in the morning using just water. Ideally use twice a week for best results. 

If you just need to brighten up dull nails, opt for the Halo treatment, a 2-in-1 Nail Illuminator and Strengthening Treatment for all Nail Types, which is enriched with Porcelain Flower Extract, Lime Tree Extract, Yuzu Extract, Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Lemongrass Oil, to hides imperfections while visibly brightening the nails and to provide extra protection against brittleness, splitting and breakage to stimulate nail growth, giving you healthier looking nails. 

Peacci Cuticle Oil, RRP £10.00, available at

 This cuticle oil provides intense hydration and can help strengthen your nail bed, preventing brittle and splitting nails. Enriched with Peach and Almond Oil, Proteins, Mineral Salts and Vitamins A, B, D and E, this nutrient-rich cuticle oil is easily absorbed to help soften cuticles, and smells lovely too, with a slightly peachy-fruity scent.

W7 Cosmetics Nail Rehab Cream Nail Treatment, RRP £4.95, available at

Great to strengthen, repair and restore dry and brittle nails, this cream can be applied as and when needed. Gives nails a healthy looking, natural colour without a nail varnish finish. 

Barry M. Nail Shot Nail & Cuticle Oil Argan, Grape or Avocado, RRP £3.99 each, available at

These tri-coloured treatment oils from Barry M. are brilliant to hydrate and nourish nails and cuticles, enriched with Glycerin and Sweet Almond Oil, they are ideal to keep nails and cuticles nourished. Shake to blend the tri-layered mix and apply daily to nails and cuticles. Massage in and rinse off with water before applying any nail colour.

To Treat:

BIOEFFECT Volcanic Exfoliator, RRP £30.00, available at

This amazing formulation includes all-natural Icelandic Micro-Crystalline Lava and Ground Apricot Seeds to smooth skin and soften hands. Using gentle, circular motions, massage a pea-sized amount of BIOEFFECT’s Volcanic Exfoliator into damp hands, focusing on the tops of your hands and around the nails to slough away any dry, dead skin to reveal brighter skin, then follow with BIOEFFECT Body Intensive, applying a pump into the palm of your hands, massage the serum in, not forgetting to give some attention to your cuticles and between the fingers. Formulated with Glycerin to moisturise and their unique, plant-based EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), it is a brilliant formula to rejuvenate hands of any skin type, helping them look and feel healthy and fresh. Its gel-like silky texture makes it easily absorbed so you can get back to your daily activities right after applying it.

Lyonsleaf Calendula & Marshmallow Balm, RRP £10.95, available at

This product is especially good for dry hands damaged by excessive hand washing, cleaning or gardening. Made with 95% organic, wild harvest ingredients, it’s enriched with Calendula, Marshmallow Root, Babassu, Avocado and Rosehip Oils and Beeswax. Particularly good to use to soften and repair very dry or damaged skin. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, it safely soothes, repairs and improves skin’s elasticity. Use daily on any dry, cracked, chapped, hard, rough or irritated skin.

The Made for Life Organics Soft Touch Intensive Hand Balm, RRP £22.00 for 50ml, available at

This is an intensively hydrating and soothing balm that is perfect for dry and busy hands. The rich, nourishing balm combines Jojoba, Sesame, Olive and Apricot Kernel Oils and Beeswax working in synergy with five base essential oils including Wheat Germ, Sweet Orange, Lavender and Rose Geranium to ensure maximum hydration and soften, soothe and protect hands. 100% organic. A little does go a long way, so whenever your hands need a treat, apply a small amount into the palms of your hands and gently massage into each finger and your palms to soften skin and help increase circulation. For particularly dry or chapped hands, apply before bed and wear cotton gloves overnight for a pampering treat.

Green People Edelweiss & Green Tea Hand Guard SPF30, RRP £17.00 for 50ml, available at

How often do we remember to apply SPF to our hands? Probably not as often as we should. (Definitely not as often). This is a scent-free natural hand cream with SPF design to help protect against sun damage and skin ageing. Enriched with Moisture-retaining natural and organic plant ingredients like Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Edelweiss, to hydrate and replenish the hands. Naturally rich in age-defence antioxidant ingredients. High-factor SPF30 sun filters provide safe and effective protection against UVB rays and UVA filters defend against age spots and skin damage caused by sun exposure. Cruelty free, reef safe and suitable for even very sensitive hands. 84% certified organic ingredients. Eco-friendly, Cruelty-free and suitable for Vegetarians. 

The Skin Republic Hand Masks are available from RRP £5.99 each from and select UK Superdrug stores

Our hands do so much, ending up overworked and exhausted, not to mention their constant exposure to the elements meaning they are one of the first places on our body to show signs of ageing. They deserve as much TLC as our faces, which is why Skin Republic have created an indulgent collection of six luxury, effective treatment hand masks, from silky-softening, exfoliating and nail strengthening to anti-aging and repairing. Enriched with highly active ingredients such as Retinol, Avocado or 24k Gold, all of the masks are dual-layered and touch screen friendly, which means the outside remains completely dry (so you can keep scrolling through, but I wouldn’t recommend it as it’s not all that comfortable when your hands are smothered in treatment serum…) The inside of the gloves are saturated with a unique hand-loving serum and trap heat, helping the ingredients to penetrate deeper and more efficiently into the skin.

To Gift:

Tropic Skincare Helping Hands Little Cracker of Joy, RRP £18.00, available at

This duo was created as a gift to NHS workers during lockdown to thank them. At the time, Tropic was able to donate over 18,000 Calm Balms and 50,000 hand sanitisers.

Now, these hand care heroes, carefully formulated to keep hands clean (their hand sanitiser kills 99.9% of germs) and soft, are available for everyone. It includes Tropics’ powerful Hand Sanitiser and enriching Calm Balm, so it cleans and restores in equal measure to leave you with marvellous mitts that are ready to take on the world, wherever you are. The balm is quickly absorbed and incredibly moisturising without feeling heavy or sticky. Also, they both smell divine!

Tropic also donate 50% of the profits from this collection to the Trussell Trust, whose mission is to stop UK hunger and poverty by supporting a network of food banks. It really is the gift that keeps on giving!

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