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If there’s ever a time to take extra care of our gnashers is around the holidays when we’re constantly surrounded by decadent food and extra booze. And let’s face it, a year of working from home, eternally slugging down coffee or tea with those all so delightful biscuits hasn’t really helped matters, has it? So here are some of our faves to help get your teeth back to pearly white (and keep the dragonbreath at bay) before it’s time to take the holiday family pics.

MOON Oral Care Activated Charcoal Fluoride-Free Whitening Toothpaste, RRP £11.00 for 119gr, available at Boots

This Charcoal toothpaste that foams into a luminous sparkling light grey, removes stains and polishes with Silica and Mica, and with its multi-dimensional Peppermint Blend it leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Elixir X, their proprietary blend of 10 antioxidants and essential oils deliver remarkable freshening results. Vegan, Cruelty-free and free from SLS and Parabens, it’s ideal for those prone to extreme sensitivities. It’s not overly sweet either, which is a great departure from traditional toothpastes, and the minty flavour is quite mild.

Lush Dirty toothy tabs, RRP £6.50 for 50gr, available at Lush

These solid alternatives to traditional toothpaste will keep you feeling cool and refreshed with Spearmint and Neroli. Ideal for on the go, nibble on a tab after your meal and brush your teeth with a damp toothbrush before spitting and rinsing out with water. I always keep a bottle in my handbag for when I’m out and about.

L.A. PACIFIC Gum Health Enzyme Whitening Toothpaste, RRP £12.00 for 75ml, available at Boots

This is a really unique toothpaste as it contains CBD and is the world’s first enzymatic whitening toothpaste with clinical trial evidence of 82% stain removal in just 2 minutes of brushing. The CBD together with Aloe Vera will help with inflammation and visible irritation, and to reduce pain and Vitamin E will help invigorate and soothe gum tissue. Together with its original multi-benefit enzymatic formula which brightens, cleans, lightens and refreshes for whiter, clearer teeth and minty fresh breath.

Curaprox [BE YOU.] Whitening Toothpaste, RRP from £9.99, available at

Available in colours vibrant enough to brighten up a Monday morning and some rather unique flavour combinations. Choose between Apple, Watermelon, Blackberry (my favourite), Grapefruit, Peach or Gin Tonic (this one is fun!), and put the fun back into brushing your teeth. With an enzymatic whitening effect and enriched with Fluoride, Provitamin B5, Menthol and rich in herbs and natural ingredients such as extracts of Echinacea, Bitter Orange, Devil’s Claw and Indian Pennywort – to nourish the tissue that lines your mouth and help to stop inflammation for a beautiful white smile.

MOON Oral Care Kendall Jenner Teeth Whitening Pen, RRP £20.00, available at Boots

This innovative teeth whitening pen instantly brightens teeth, working on tough stains to reveal a whiter smile over time. The soft Vanilla Mint flavour ensures lasting freshness, whilst MOON’s Elixir III uses a proprietary antioxidant blend of Lavender Oil, Strawberry Fruit Extract, and Honeysuckle Extract to help brighten the teeth. 

To use you need to remove the cap and click the button at the end of the pen until the gel dispenses (it may take several clicks on the first try). Smile and brush a thin layer on your teeth. Wait 30 seconds before closing your mouth and 10 to 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything. Apply no more than twice a day for 2 weeks. While using the pen, and to achieve better results, avoid the usual suspects like coffee, tea, cigarettes (these you should avoid always…) or any other substances that may impact the whitening effect. Make sure you speak to your dentist before using any sort of whitening products as they may sensitise your teeth or gums. 

Smile Science Harley Street Teeth Whitening Strips, RRP £19.99, available at

With this new generation of teeth whitening strips which are dentist approved and clinically proven to target stains, you can expect up to 6 shades whiter teeth in just 2 weeks. Designed to be softer and more comfortable to wear, the strips contain gentle enamel friendly ingredients, specifically formulated for sensitive teeth meaning there is no discomfort or sensitivity. Consisting of 28 strips in a pack, the whitening strips have been developed with a unique elastic gel formulation which greatly improves resistance to saliva which ordinarily diminishes the whitening capability of the gels, enabling the strips to deliver sufficient teeth whitening and improved results.

Lush Creme De Menthe mouthwash tabs, RRP £6.50 for 45gr, available at Lush

These fizzy mouthwash tablets will help keep your breath fresh and minty throughout the day. Just pop one into your mouth after brushing your teeth and take a sip of water to start the fizz. Nibble the tab and swish it around before spitting out. For best benefits, resist the urge to eat or drink anything for at least 30 minutes after using these, allowing the icy blast of Peppermint and Malic Acid to refresh your breath. Particularly love these for on the go, so if you’re still working out and about and not from home, these are easy to carry and great to refresh your breath after one to many coffees or that extra spicy meal. 

Floris Rose Concentrated Mouthwash, RRP £40.00 for 100ml, available at Floris London

Sometimes you just need something a little different. Dating back as far as the 1800s, the Floris Rose Mouthwash is a great alternative to the now more traditional (and sometimes overpowering) Peppermint mouthwashes. Made with pure Rosewater, it has antibacterial properties (it does contain alcohol) as well as being a fluoride-free option. The pure rosewater is added to the formula to create its subtle floral flavour. The soft pink hue is timelessly elegant and it comes in a signature frosted bottle, so it’ll give your bathroom sink that wonderful dressing-table style glamour. Just like the Violet Mouthwash, the rosewater formulation just needs six drops added to warm water to swish with, morning and evening.

Foreo ISSA 2 Toothbrush, RRP £149.00, available at Foreo

For anyone that thinks Foreo only does skincare devices, think again. ISSA 2 features a sleek, ergonomical, waterproof design that sets it apart from other electric toothbrushes. With an improved sonic pulse technology, 16 speeds to choose from, a unique timer to make sure you brush for the correct amount of time and don’t over do it, it also “buzzes” and the light indicator flashes every 30 seconds to remind you to change quadrants in your mouth while you’re brushing, a 3D flexible hybrid brush head of combined PBT Polymer and Soft Silicone and a new 365 day charge (one hour charge will last you a year), you’ll get way more mileage from your electric toothbrush than usual. The Hybrid bristles channel 11,000 high-intensity pulsations per minute to create micro-sweeps that effectively and gently clean and massage the teeth and gums. The natural properties of silicone and PBT polymer harbor less bacteria for more hygienic brush heads and overall better oral health. The back of the brush head has an integrated tongue cleaner, for complete care. Also, you can replace the brush heads regularly without needing to repurchase a full brush each time, as the Issa Hybrid brush heads last 6 months and the Original Issa Brush heads last 1 year. I absolutely love the feel of this, it’s gentler than traditional brushes and it really helps get a more thorough clean.

ION-sei Moon Grey Electric Toothbrush, RRP £130.00, available at John Bell & Croyden

ION-Sei is an award-winning luxurious toothbrush that takes a holistic approach to oral health, combining state-of-the-art ionic technology with the natural elements of water and light. Harnessing the elemental powers of nature, the ION-Sei electric toothbrush can be used with or without traditional toothpaste. It incorporates an ultra-violet (UV) LED light in the tip which generates an ionic reaction with the Titanium Dioxide bar in the brush handle. Negative ions are released from the toothbrush which are clinically proven to suppress plaque causing bacteria. The handle harnesses your body’s natural electrical charge that leaves the teeth with a negative charge which reduces further plaque causing bacterial build up. With 2 types of brush heads, soft bristles and standard, 3 speeds, sonic vibrations and a 2 minute smart timer, it’s easy to use and will help prevent bacteria and plaque build up with each use.

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