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New Mio Bodycare Range

At the end of July, Mio Skincare had a massive relaunch of their bodycare range, having over-hauled their ingredients to even more highly active ones, with what they call a new signature feel-good complex, packed with mood-uplifting ingredients, new responsibly sourced and sustainable packaging and 100% vegan, cruelty-free, plant-based formulations. I’ve had the pleasure of trying some of their newly formulated products for a few weeks now and they are worth every bit of hype they get!

The products are now divided into 4 major ranges:


This range is rich in antioxidants (with a new unique Antioxidant Complex) and illuminating minerals, and should be the go-to for anyone wanting radiant, glowing skin. The Orange Blossom and Fresh Citrus scent that carries through the range is divine and utterly uplifting!

The products in the range are the Golden Hour Body Moisturiser, Future Proof Body Butter, AHA-resurfacing Sleeping Smoothie Overnight Serum and Sun-drenched Body Wash (£19.00 for 200ml). I’ve tried them and trust me, you’ll want to add them to your bodycare routine.

Sleeping Smoothie Overnight Serum – £34.00 for 200ml 

My absolute favourite out of the range, this AHA resurfacing Overnight Serum is the star of the show! With the AHA working while you sleep encouraging skin cell renewal by getting rid of dead skin cells, which promote healthy new cell growth, which in turn allows for the active moisturising ingredients to actually penetrate deeper into the skin (which won’t happen with traditional body moisturisers unless you regularly exfoliate, they will tend to sit on the surface of the skin and not sink in so well thus not being properly absorbed and not delivering all the promised benefits, also dead skin cells that sit on the top layers of the dermis will lend skin that dull look if they aren’t removed regularly and new skin cells allowed to move forward), the Feel-Good Complex, a blend of Indian Fig extract and Monk’s Pepper Berry will help hydrate and give you that uplifting wellbeing feeling, the Whu-Zu-Yu Extract will help boost radiance by increasing skin revitalisation and oxygenation and the Shea Butter will help lock in moisture and protect the skin. Apply at night time on clean, slightly damp skin (it will help retain more moisture), wash off in the morning and follow with moisturiser. You will wake up to truly brighter, smoother, more radiant skin.

Golden Hour Body Moisturiser – £26.00 for 200ml 

This is a brilliant daytime moisturiser with a subtle shimmery tint that lends the skin a subtle blurred bronze glow, with micro illuminating pearlescent minerals, their new Antioxidant Complex, a blend of Myrtle and Olive Oil to help boost skin protection, their Feel-Good Complex and Andiroba Oil to add moisture and nourish. Not only is it gorgeous to apply and beautifully moisturising, it will leave you with that post holidays-in-the-sun type glow even if you’ve not stepped foot out of your house the whole summer. Remember to wash it off at night time, as it has that slight tint to it.

Future Proof Body Butter – £30.00 for 240ml

The original Future Proof Body Butter was one of my all time favourites, and this one is just as good. Now enriched with the Antioxidant and Feel-Good Complexes and Andiroba Oil, it’s rich in essential Omega oils and is perfect for those with drier skins or just prefer a richer, creamy texture. Truly nourishing without being heavy on the skin, it leaves it smooth, strong and with a healthy looking natural radiance.


Updated versions of cult favourite (and one of my personal favourites also) Liquid Yoga Space Spray and Liquid Yoga Bath Soak – plus the all new Cannabis Seed Oil infused Go with the Flow Body Oil (£26.00 for 130 ml) comprise this range that will help you keep your zen, stress free environment at home. Promoting healthy-skin and a healthy-mind across this calming range is an essential oil blend of lavender, peppermint, lemon, mandarin and eucalyptus, leaving a sense of peace and tranquility.

Liquid Yoga Space Spray – £21.00 for 130ml

Now with a 100% vegan-friendly scent and a blend of powerful plant-based ingredients, enriched with their Feel-Good Complex, an aromatherapy Feel-Good Blend of Essential Oils like lavender, peppermint, lemon, mandarin and eucalyptus, Mushroom, Manganese Mineral and Cocoa Bean extracts, to uplift and enhance mood and Cannabis Seed Oil for its calming properties,  this Space Spray maintains it’s cult status for delivering a relaxing sense of peace and calm. Spray in your room before bedtime or on your yoga mat before meditation or workout for a truly relaxing time. Smells just as brilliant as before, and is just as effectively calming.

Liquid Yoga Bath Soak£28.00 for 200ml

Ideal for pamper days or whenever you need a truly relaxing soak, the new formula is enriched with all the same new ingredients as the Space Spray plus Almond Oil to help keep skin smooth, moisturised and nourished and mineral salts to ease the body into a state of relaxation. The scent sends you into a truly blissful place while you soak away your stress and relax in the bath. Pour a small-ish amount (they say a glug) while you’re running your bath water and rinse off before you step out of the tub.


The bigger range of the 4, includes updated, more powerful versions of many mio best-sellers – like the Get Waisted Sculpting Serum (£32.00 for 125ml) and Boob Tube Bust Firmer – thanks to a Smooth Booster Complex which contains Prolevis and Niacinamide. A truly hard-working range for anyone who wants active bodycare that helps to firm, smooth, and strengthen skin. Newly added is the Dive In Body Wash (£19.00 for 200ml) –  a gentle pH-balancing hair and body cleanser which removes all sweat and impurities, including chlorine, odour and salt water – ideal after every workout. In full disclosure, I’m never as religious with this type on bodycare treatments as I’m with the rest of my routine (I know, I know, I need to follow through), so I only ever get to experience the initial impressions and not so much of the long time results. However, I find that a decent bodycare routine coupled with good exercise and a balanced diet goes a long way in helping skin stay firm and healthy. Also included in the range are the Smooth Move Body Cream (£35.00 for 125ml) – a cellulite smoothing cream, Muscle Motivator Revitalising Gel (£26.00 for 125ml) – a cooling, invigorating gel ideal for post-workout bodies and the bestselling dry Body Brush (£15.00) – an entirely vegan exfoliating and body massaging brush

Boob Tube Bust Firmer – £32.00 for 125ml

Although it is called Boob Tube, this is a neck and chest firming lotion, as this is the skin that supports the weight of your breasts. Their improved Boob Tube bust cream formula is charged with the new Smooth Booster Complex and Feel-Good Complex as well as a blend of powerful ingredients such as Shea Butter, which helps lock in moisture and protect skin and Hibiscus Flower Extract, which helps to even skin tone’s appearance, to help prevent saggy skin by hydrating and protecting. It’s a multi-action chest tightening cream devoted to strengthening and supporting the skin on the chest area.Elasticity is improved, skin looks more radiant and feels firmer. Massage daily in circular motions, from the neck down to below the breasts. It is a rich texture, so if you normally apply different bodycare cream all over, you might want to skip the neck and chest area so as not to overload the skin and allow for better absorption.


Mio’s detoxifying duo consists of the gentle 2-in-1 Clay Away Body Cleanser (£21.00 for 200ml) – a refreshing daily wash or clay body mask which removes impurities and deeply cleanses the body – plus moisture-rich and ultra-smoothing Heavenly Body Purifying Scrub which leaves skin feeling super-soft and healthy-looking.

Heavenly Body Purifying Scrub £25.00 for 240ml

Best for those who prefer a good, deep manual exfoliation to an acid based one to get rid of dead surface cells and reveal beautiful, restored, healthy looking skin. This Coconut and Almond Oil Salt Scrub exfoliates, purifies and smooths, combating dry and dull skin. The Heavenly Body sea salt scrub is a moisture-rich exfoliator that gently buffs the skin to give a full body, feel-good, healthy glow. Reveals glowing, healthier-looking, radiant skin and leaves it feeling incredibly soft and replenished. Enriched with the Feel-good Complex, Salt Crystals to exfoliate and help achieve silky smooth skin, Almond and Coconut Oils to moisturise and hydrate the skin and a new invigorating and refreshing eucalyptus oil fragrance.

The entire mio range now features new sustainable packaging where up to 28% less plastic is used in the new easily recyclable biopolymer plastic tubes. Biopolymer plastic is produced using sugarcane, meaning it has lower greenhouse gas emissions and therefore a lower carbon footprint in comparison to conventional plastic. Also all tubes, bottles, jars and cards are easily recycled and include recycling advice on the packaging. The only exception are the plastic pumps found in some mio products, which are not yet recyclable – but a sustainable solution is being worked on, so remember to disassemble them from the empty product bottle and dispose of them in your regular rubbish so you can safely recycle the remaining packaging. 

The whole range is available at and

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