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With most of us now facing our own four walls, we can’t help but miss some of the things we love about the outside – so we decided to find some products that allow you to bring some of the outside, in!

D.S. & DURGA pride themselves on creating scents that take you to new realms, and with a range of products from hand soaps, sanitizers, perfumes, and lotions, you can discover those realms anyway you’d like.

Take the ‘Big Sur After Rain’ Hand Soap – it transports you into a place where rain water meets eucalyptus groves off the highway. With top notes of coastal rain and eucalyptus shoots, heart notes of magnolia and pacific spray, and base notes of eucalyptus leaf and wet wood, this scent really takes you places. The hand soap is super moisturising with a formula consisting of vitamin c, vitamin e, glycerin, green tea leaf and hyaluronic acid, not to mention its vegan and cruelty free and available in a candle and car-fragrance form.

If you don’t fancy being transported somewhere so fresh and wet, why not try ‘Crystal Pistil’ fragrance / fragrance enhancer? With top notes of orange flower water, dew-on-petals, and pink pepper, heart notes of crystal flower parts, paradisone, and jasmine water, and base notes of civettone, white musks, and ambrette seeds – this floral scent can be worn on its own, or you can use it to enhance your favourite scents and make them even bolder than before. We personally like to wear it with some of our more fresh scents, as we then walk around the house smelling of holidays in the sun – pure bliss!
Crystal Pistil is available from – £148.00 for 50ml

There’s such a variety of scents and ‘scent’sations to be had, go and check out more at for our US readers, or for our UK readers – please also consider that due to the current lockdown measures, shipping may take a little longer than normal.

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