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Burt’s Bees® are very proud to announce their new partnership with Beauty Banks, the people powered movement providing personal care and hygiene essentials to those who cannot access them. Caring for the planet has always been at the heart of Burt’s Bees® core ethos. With landfill free operations and Personal Care Recycling Programme with TerraCycle, Burt’s Bees® have taken steps to reduce their impact on the environment. However, with 2020 presenting so many of us with unprecedented challenges, they have also focused their efforts on supporting those in need. Last year, Burt’s Bees® supplied care packages to front-line NHS staff, and $70,000 (around £50,000) worth of personal care products to over 250 hospitals. In 2021, through their partnership with Beauty Banks, they are supporting the disadvantaged and vulnerable by donating one Burt’s Bees® Lip Balm to the Beauty Banks for every single order made throughout January and February 2021 on Nobody should have to choose between personal hygiene and feeding themselves or their family. This is the devastating reality for millions of people in the UK each day, and sadly this issue has only exacerbated in the last year. Beauty Banks’ research shows that hygiene poverty and hygiene shaming is worsening due to coronavirus. 

From a study among teachers, results showed that: 

• 44% have witnessed children being bullied because of hygiene shaming. 

• 39% have witnessed children’s mental health suffer due to hygiene shaming. 

• 38% have offered pupils hygiene items like deodorant and toothpaste.

Winter is a particularly difficult season for many. With low temperatures, dry lips are just one more discomfort to deal with. Burt’s Bees® want to take this irritation away from as many people as they can.

Beauty Banks is a charity that supplies personal care and hygiene essentials to those who cannot access them. Beauty Banks was founded in 2018 by Jo Jones and Sali Hughes, who were inspired to take action after learning that 37% of people in Britain go without hygiene or grooming essentials each day. They believe that cleanliness and hygiene is key for good physical health, mental health and wellbeing. Beauty Banks works with registered charities, such as foodbanks, homeless centres and refuges. This ensures that each donation goes to those who need it most. Visit the Beauty Bank website ( to learn more about how you can help and get involved.

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