We find out how Alt-Rock band 'By George' are at the forefront of a new sound and their thoughts on how the genre is evolving.

North Carolina’s very own alt rockers By George arrive with their debut album The Life Of Guy. After releasing an array of promising singles over the last year, the band became known for a genre defying sound that’s only been pushed further on this landmark release. For the band members: Henry Moldenhauer, Tyler Ford, Will Henshaw and Chaandmon Croft, the album is the final product of lengthy work, that is a conceptual project, born out of looking inwards and finding simultaneous shared experiences. Whether your taste is inclined to the indie anthems ‘Relax’ and ‘Handsome Hobo’, or the no-nonsense rock anthem ‘Klep’, The Life Of Guy has a bit of everything to keep you entertained.

When reflecting on the album the band shared:

“When we sat down to write this album, we knew we wanted it to be a concept album. At the time, we had just finished our second year of college, and a big theme emerged: reflection. What we found is that our emotions and inner experiences can all be so similar, and so we created Guy as a representation of what we’ve all been through. Just as our lives are never ending experiences, we attempted to create an album that is lyrically and musically seamless, where you’re in the driver’s seat to experience everything that comes your way.”

The album conceptually tells the story of a man balancing relatable struggles with purpose and ever elusive identity, it follows Guy from birth to death in a unique, inimitable, and downright intriguing manner. It’s a concept that reflects four young artists trying to find their way in the world, with themes of longing, loneliness and contemplative thoughts – much about what comes next, all play key roles within the song writing. By George are a refreshing addition to the alt rock world, void of any conceptions around masculinity, and across the 12 tracks you feel a genuine connection to the band. We can’t wait to see what they bring to the table next.

You can listen to By George’s emphatic debut album The Life Of Guy below.

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