Who does a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering and then decides to become a fashion designer – well Cassey Gan does of course!

Gan graduated with a BA First Class Honours in Fashion Design & Technology: Womenswear from London College of Fashion in 2012, and her background in engineering can clearly be seen running through her designs.

The shapes are well constructed, and often defy the curvature of the bodies wearing them, and the patterns can alter the way you view a garment, which is a skill only an engineering eye would be able to articulate so flawlessly.

The garments are often very free-flowing and allow the wearers the functionality and utility they require, and there is no other designer right now who enjoys playing with print blocking more than Gan does! I myself had the pleasure of attending the show at LFW in September, and I personally felt the prints were a tad overused and too repetitive, but I also appreciate the fact that we can now see collections where this can even be considered as a criticism! 

Most of my colleagues and fellow fashion friends adored the collection, and I know you will all love it too, so I simply had to share it with you all.
I think the shapeless designs give a clever nod to the future of more unisex, functional, utilitarian clothing, which also eliminates issues of over sexualised shapes, and I think what I find the most innovative about this collection is the fact that each of the pieces can be paired with any of the other pieces from the collection, and a lot of pieces have detachable layers, allowing for multiple styles from a single item!

Gan has her own voice, her own path, and she very clearly showcases that age old lesson of embracing who you are, doing you well, and applying that to everything you do – you go girl!

See some of Gans designs from SS19 below and you can find out more at www.casseygan.com

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