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Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY brings it to you every season, so I don't know why you gagging so? Find out why you should continue to gag over this designer...

I always obsess over Charles Jeffrey, and this season was no exception. The drama, the colour, the prints! I am head over heels for the multi-coloured print silk shirt, I saw it in the showroom and I fell in LOVE.

I unfortunately couldn’t attend the show, but I heard it was a beautifully joyous affair, showering the guests with beautiful flower petals – giving them all their own ‘American Beauty’ moment… stunning!

This brand has gone from strength to strength over the years, and they are still true to their core concepts from when they started, and it appears to me from the outside looking in that they have no pressures from external investors because this is usually when we see some brands ‘sell out’ to making more commercial and sellable items to keep the investors comfortable in getting their return.

It was really reassuring to speak with the team in the showroom and find out that my observations were correct, and that they still do everything themselves and want to stay true to their core concepts –

This seasons collection played joyfully with prints and colours, and spared no efforts in dominating the menswear space for print clashing and colour contrasting.

Beyond that, the clothing extended the brands androgynous ethos, and gave everyone from all walks of life something to lust after, from leather biker jackets for those of us who believe we’re ‘too cool for school’, heavy knitwear for those of us who enjoy cosy nights in by the fire, and of course not forgetting those printed silk shirts for those ‘Club Tropicana’ flashbacks….

This is one brand I’ll continue to be a fan of and will most certainly be featuring whenever I can!

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