In recent years, the sound of UKG has had a huge revival. A movement spearheaded by those who grew up during the genre’s heyday, in the early 2000’s. Last year, the sound of Garage even made an appearance at number 3 in the UK charts, thanks to AJ Tracey’s ‘Ladbroke Grove’, which merged the sound with Grime. This formula is a successful one, Chiedu Oraka x DeezKid’s latest single – ‘The War Chant’, is firm evidence for this.

Chiedu has been described as ‘Yorkshire’s leading Grime artist’ and having worked with DeezKid for several years, their chemistry as a Grime duo is evident. The song is layered with tongue in cheek remarks, guaranteed to make you smile from start to finish. Thanks to Majestic’s edit – one of Garage’s most prominent producers – the energy is sizzling; the playability ranges from your living room to the dancefloor… whenever we can return to them.

The duo also wears their northern heritage as a badge of honour, a rare feature for most artists. Residing from Hull – a place not exactly synonymous for having a UKG scene – they are opening the eyes of the nation to what potential is hidden in the north of the UK. Sadly, the south and largely London, gather most attention of music talent. ‘The War Chant’ will certainly go a long way to bringing attention to where it should be.

To help us all get to know the Northern duo better, they’ve sent over a few facts about themselves, you can read them below.


  • The first album I bought was Marshal Mathers EP by Eminem. Well, my mum bought me it.
  • I am a proud Newcastle Utd supporter and my favourite player is Alan Shearer.
  • My Favourite Films are Boyz in the Hood, Sister Act 2 and Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (cartoon version).
  • I once got arrested for stealing Pokemon cards, aged 10.
  • My mum used to dress me in dolls clothes when I was a baby because I was 4 months premature.


  • Two of the first CD singles I bought myself was Afroman – ‘Because I Got High’ and Outkast – ‘Mrs. Jackson’. I think it’s because I loved the chorus on both tracks as a kid.
  • I once got suspended from school for taking a catapult and marbles onto the playground.
  • One of my favourite films is Kevin & Perry Go Large. I also love films like The Business, Football Factory & Goodbye Charlie Bright.
  • When I was around 3 years old my mam took me to the park on a winter’s day. I ran off from her and fell into a pond that was frozen over and I was drowning. A random man who saw it dived in and saved my life.
  • Tyson Fury is one of my sporting heroes.
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