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In this coronavirus world, we have had time to take a step back and reconsider our priorities in life. While we may have been content working for an overbearing boss and taking our annual two-week vacation, our mindset has shifted. We are now more concerned with concentrating on our mental health, our well being and our free time. Work is now a means to an end to help fund our more important pursuits. In the pandemic world, you might fancy a change of image to go along with your new mindset. Take a look at these three simple steps that you can take to revolutionise your image.

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Your Hair

The first aspect of appearance that many people choose to revolutionise is their hairstyle. If you have had long locks for as long as you can remember, it might be time to go for a choppy and textured bob. This can make you look younger, show off your neckline a little more, and help you to hone a different image. You might want to change up your colour too. If you are showing signs of grey follicles, you might want to embrace your changing look. Go for a shimmering silver hue to revolutionise your image. Or perhaps you want to go blonde if you have always been brunette or maybe red tones could highlight your skin tones. With hairdressers and salons considering ways to open from July, it might be time to start considering a new style.

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If you have a whole host of tattoos that you once thought were an excellent idea, but you now despise your ink, think about tattoo removal. While this can be expensive, it can be worth it, giving you a chance to claim back your skin. If you have a tattoo on a sensitive area, such as your hip or your ankle, you might want to buy some over the counter numbing cream that you can apply prior to your removal session. This added lidocaine anaesthetic can help limit the pain you may feel when going through laser removal. Alternatively, you might still love the idea of getting inked, but you need a coverup for a terrible sleeve or design from your younger days. Go to a reputable tattoo artist and enquire about their style and ask to see some of their work before committing to an appointment. You’ve got some time to consider this before tattoo artists can reopen their parlours, so best be prepared for when they do.

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Your Wardrobe

If you don’t fancy going for a dramatic makeover that involves changing your body in any way, why not consider your clothing instead? We tend to fall into a style rut meaning that we wear the same sorts of clothing day in, day out. You need to consider lifting your style and making it more unique. You might fancy heading to the shops to pick up something a little more vibrant and bold if you forever wear black. If you haven’t opted for anything fitted in a decade or so, buy that little black dress or A-line skirt. If you haven’t seen your legs since you were a child, buying a skirt or dress can ease you into a new style. Always go for clothing that you are comfortable in and take along a friend to help you hone your new image.

Revolutionising your image doesn’t need to be too challenging. But maybe we’ve given you some ideas so you can enjoy experimenting with new looks and styles in a post-pandemic world.

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