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In a time where the world is moving father away from labels, music has never been more diverse. More and more artists are exploring genre fusions, so it’s not surprising that Danish Alt-Pop artist Soleima delivers us a genre bending debut album ‘Powerslide’.

Soleima was born and raised in Denmark, drawing inspiration and honing her style from many genres and life experiences, including time spent at an African dance camp and pursuing her degree in Anthropology. In Soleima’s own words, 

“I’ve adopted the word ‘powerslide’ to represent my loss of control/power over myself and my attempt to regain it. As I started my musical journey as the only female in a 7-piece Danish hip-hop collective, I wanted to incorporate my love for hip-hop into Powerslide. This album is a musical genre-bending hybrid that challenges the traditional musical structures, hooks & melodies in commercial pop music.”

The record explores the power of pop, with the depth and tone of alternative, providing us with a very well rounded record of highs and lows. Soleima has a youthful sounding voice that lends itself well to this particular genre, and her lyrics and overall songwriting abilities have perspective and attitude mixed with hints of childlike echoes. Take ‘Roses’ for example, the track plays with a well known valentines rhyme, but explores its resonance in a more mature setting.

‘Yeah, are roses red and the violets blue?
So what the f**k did you think that you could do?
Change me, really?
Thank god, bless you for the truth’

Soleima – Roses

We also see Soleima expressing her inner-most opinions (and probably a lot of ours too), with ‘STFU’, she unapologetically tells people with their opinions to refrain from speaking them out loud – sounds a little contradictory right? Well actually, it explores the more negative aspects of vocalising what we think for our own personal gain or to tear someone else down, which is often a common theme within the entertainment industries.

I found the whole album refreshing, and I’m very excited to watch the future of this talented artist.

Listen to ‘Powerslide’ HERE

Powerslide Tracklist:
1.      Roses
2.      Grind (ft. Yoshi Flower)
3.      LuvULuvULuvU
4.      Hustlin’
5.      We’re Going Home
6.      Heartless
7.      Thing Called Love
8.      Cheers for the Tears
9.      Stop
10.   STFU

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