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‘This is not a bank robbery’ was the resounding message that I took away from the upcoming collection by DB Berdan.

This message, is a clear protest towards comments made by our former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, earlier this year – and this wouldn’t be the first time the brand have spoken out on equality issues on the runway, this is the brand that used their strong advocation of the LGBTQ rights, to celebrate this on the Mercedes Benz runway when Pride was banned on the streets of Istanbul.

This seasons collection isn’t just a political statement though, it’s a well constructed (or de-constructed in some pieces) work of 90’s sub culture, that explores themes of Middle Eastern heritage, and references the intersex god of love and war – Umay Ana.
With 10 ‘hyper limited’ edition pieces in collaboration with Reebok Classic – this is like a 90’s mash up that you want to watch over and over again.

With styling provided by our very own first cover issue Art Director, Stylist, and very good friend – Kay Altamira – who brought her own flare and fun to the runway, and gave Berdans collection an urban glamour twist, utilising bin bags around the shoes and string in the hair (touches of genius in our opinion!) – this was a match made in fashion heaven!

Our EIC Aaron Mark had the chance to go backstage after the show, and meet with the brands Head Designer Begum, who was overjoyed at how well the new collection had been received. Aaron asked Begum how the collaboration with Reebok came about, and Begum explained that it had been quite an organic process, however, the turnaround to complete the pieces on time for the runway had been much shorter than anticipated but she was happy with the reconstructed concept overall – and we have to say, it made a refreshing departure from the structure and perfect tailoring we have seen across the rest of the collections this season.

The show was everything we were hoping for from this urban brand, and stay tuned for our next issue releasing later this month, as the brands AW18 collection is featured in the cover story – we’re already picking out pieces for future shoots from this collection!


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