It’s hard to think of a time where the theme of nostalgia resonated more with people than today. Whether it be within the field of fashion or music, we’re all longing for a piece of the past. It’s been the perfect recipe for Dreampark, a creative duo from Liverpool who relish within their theme of nostalgic-pop. Deeply inspired by the sounds of the 70s and 80s, band members Carmel Faraggi and Daniel Barer are naturally drawn to the world of psychedelia. Their recent release ‘Time Machine’ is an emotionally charged, synth heavy dream that encapsulates all that’s great about their style.

Speaking about the single, Dreampark state: “Time machine is about time, relationships and our relationship with time. What if we could travel in time and how would it affect our memories? At the end, time machine is about the irrelevance of time in the magnificent living experience of making meaningful memories.” The references to disco and italo is clear to hear throughout, paired alongside the catchiness of their alt-pop aesthetic, they mix these different elements, old and new, to create an “instant memory”. The ties to the 80s is what stands out the most, alongside the nostalgia comes a quirkiness and a real element of fun.

‘Time Machine’ proves there’s certainly a place for Dreampark’s nostalgic-pop in 2021. Now the duo set their sights on the rest of the year with a string of releases to follow, delivering all the positive energy we need right now.

You can catch ‘Time Machine’ below.

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