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E.Tautz AW19 brings you all the 70's and 80's inspiration, with most of the collection looking like it's stepped just off a Duran Duran music video...

Another designer that really pushed the envelope with their references this season was E.Tautz. Again, I can see lots of 70’s and 80’s inspiration, which was a common theme this season across the board, but Tautz really brought it beautifully into a modern day setting. Just like Crutchley, Tautz managed to make his clothing look like it had just been shot for a Duran Duran music video, highlighting the oversized blazers, dropped trouser lengths, and all styled beautifully with Louboutin loafers.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting to like this collection as much I do, because the runway didn’t really wow me in any way, but it was reflecting upon the collection on the journey home that it really spoke to me.

The runway show was understated to allow the small details of the collection to really standout.

Let’s take the blue stripe shirt (pictured at the top of the page) it’s shape is not radically different to anything else we’ve seen, it’s just cut to be worn slightly oversized, and the colours aren’t too daring either, navy, cobalt and sky blue – but the clever way the stripes have been flipped from vertical to horizontal around the ribcage, and to change the colour scheme here, allows for a more relaxed statement to be given by the wearer. It says, I’m here, without having to jump up and down and throw glitter in your face to say it.

Now something I have to comment on with Tautz, is the beautiful commitment they have to producing some gorgeous knitwear. I ADORE a jumper (you’ll likely find me in a roll neck in July) and these are so cleverly done, because they aren’t over-designed, they are just a regular jumper style, but with gloriously simple jumpers and effective prints and patterns, and the quality is second to none (not forgetting that Tautz used to dress Winston Churchill, so quality is of the utmost importance).

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