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Read all about non-profit organisation DRF and how they brought 4 emerging designers to London Fashion Week...

The Hong Kong Design Renaissance Foundation (DRF) is a non-profit organisation that brings together like-minded creatives, brands, traders and designers, and mentors them in their businesses. Funded by the Professional Services Advance Support Scheme and Commerce and Economic Development Bureau (HKSAR), the DRF is a platform for Hong Kong fashion brands to showcase their collections helping explore the globalmarket and increase domestic exposure.

On Thursday, the DRF brought 4 of the brands they are working with to the glitz and glam that is London Fashion Week. Loom Loop, 112 mountainyam, Yeung Chin and From Another Planets all showcased their work with exciting presentations, and gained invaluable exposure to the worlds press and buyers.

Foundations like this are becoming vital within this fast paced and competitive industry, and we at Boyfriend HQ love them because they introduce us to amazing brands that fully capture what our zine is all about.

See below images from the presentations and a brief review on each brand:

From Another Planets
Playing with shapes and colours, but ensuring they have a core of capsule pieces, ensures this collection is not just wearable, but will cater to a wide audience.

Loom Loop
Rich with prints inspired by their homeland, Loom Loop introduce the vibrancy and regality of their heritage into beautiful separates.

Yeung Ching
A slightly more edgy approach to everyday wear, utilising monochromes with splashes of deep vibrant reds.

112 mountainyam
Probably the most ready-to-wear and fit to market collection of the designers showcased, 112 mountainyam bring a sense of fun to their designs.

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