We're continuing to showcase some individuals our Editors felt you should get to know a bit better, and this week, our Features Editor Jake Wright introduces you to Visual Artist - Adam Frost

Highlighting emerging talent is a key passion of ours at Boyfriend, without the young and boundary pushing artists coming through, the creative industries simply wouldn’t move forward. As part of our Editors Introductions series, we interviewed multi-talented Visual Artist Adam Frost. Having already had his work published in Hunger, Vogue Czechoslovakia, London Evening Standard and Wonderland, Frost’s uniquely eccentric take on fashion and life continues to turn many heads.

Adam Frost shot by Celine Antal @celineantal

It’s common for creatives to do more than one project at a time, however Frost takes this to a whole different level. Currently designing his own clothes, producing his own electronic music, DJ’ing and his latest project of performance art pushes boundaries across the creative spectrum. Looking at his work its hard to place it in just one area for Frost though its easy,

“I consider myself a VISUAL ARTIST, because all of my work tends to be about a heavy strong visual, and although I do fashion, I would call it all art”.

Looking at his work its clear why Frost says this, often designs are made from his own paintings, merging mediums. The artist has a clear vision and knowledge of his aesthetic, due to this he takes on a huge workload,

“I can’t do a show, and not have my OWN produced music, then do music and visuals. It’s all just added up together, I love doing all of it”.

Its this burning passion of Frosts that I’ve always been drawn to, its hard to find anyone that loves working quite as much as he does.

His work as a performance artist also addresses many gender themes, during these performances he takes on his drag alter-ego. He’s recently finished a week-long residency at The Marlborough theatre in Brighton where he “made that whole drunk room, stop and think and listen to my Gonorrhoea love story.” I’m sure no one in the room had experienced anything like it. Often the realness behind his work is what is so easy to connect to,

“All my work is autobiographical, how surreal I find life. I need to start getting inspired by more happy things, however my art is my healer and therapy”.

Performance art gives you the chance to be more open, something that Frost clearly thrives at.

A key thing I wanted to discuss with Adam was the theme of mental health. The topic is getting more exposure these days however the creative world is one where mental health can be a particularly challenging theme for many. With a schedule as busy as his, how can you prioritise your own headspace? “It’s all draining, but it’s all so worth it, I just get on with it as it comes. Life is strange, the more you put in, you think it doesn’t come back to thank you, but then it all changes again.” The industry isn’t a forgiving one, creatives often fear that if they stand still for too long, they may be overtaken. Mental health can take a huge toll in such competitive circumstances.

Adam Frost shot by Celine Antal @celineantal

At the age of 26 Frost has achieved a lot, however the thought of what lies ahead is always a scary one no matter your age, “I used to think I always wanted my own fashion label, but it’s expensive, exhausting, yet rewarding of course. I do have this vision of perhaps one day showing at Tate Modern or White Cube, filling the rooms with installations, visuals, art films, live performance art.” His experimental nature makes it extremely difficult to predict where and what he will be doing in a few years’ time, Frost feels it might lie in the music field; “lately I’m really into music, I can imagine my Vinyl visuals, the fashion, the sound, the whole thing. But to be honest I want to do all of it, Art, Fashion, Performance Art, Music. Ideally to just be paid to do what I love, then it doesn’t feel like work.” Every creatives dream is to get paid for what they enjoy doing, whether that’s designing clothes or painting portraits, we all share that same ambition. Having designed his own collections for several years, his ambition and determination is something that I truly admire.

Adam graduated from Middlesex University in 2017, now on the eve of starting his MA in Womenswear at the Royal Academy of Art things have come full circle. He is a credit to what hard work can do and with his career only now starting to take off, there’s still many exciting things to come. “Life’s too short, and we should all chase our dreams, it doesn’t come to you, you go to it.” It’s this mantra that we should perhaps all live by.

Follow Adam Frost @adamfrostrealness or visit www.adamfrostrealness.com

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