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Edward Crutchley gave us all the feels with his minimally modern take on all things magically 80's...

My next highlight has to be Edward Crutchley who gave me everything my little inner witch needed with his show.

Crutchley has such a beautiful way of bringing the past into the future; with most of his collection looking like it just stepped off a Culture Club music video – but in 2020! The clothes have beautiful nods to its references (oversized shoulders, dropped sleeves, and naturally over-draped trousers) but it still feels fresh and current in its fabric and colour choices.

My absolute favourite looks from the whole weekend that still play in my mind even now a few weeks on, have to be the silver metallic jacket on the model with gold hands and arms and the black glittering shirt with the high waist trousers (both pictured) wearing beautiful Korean gats, created in collaboration with the legendary milliner Stephen Jones – giving me full on American / Korean Horror Story witch and warlock vibes – and I was LIVING!

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