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Since the singer-songwriter, Elohim burst onto the scene in 2015, she’s had quite the transformation. Those first few years saw the artist portray quite the mysterious image, mainly due to a reluctance to show her face. Now, that aspect of shyness has faded away, with Elohim now seen as a powerful songwriter with an enigmatic style of electro-pop, unafraid of how she’s portrayed. I guess, when you name yourself after a term used in some religions for a God, then enigmatic is definitely the route to go down. The American has just released her single ‘Good Day Bad Day’, a song that comments on the difficulties of 2020, a roller-coaster for all of us. It’s a song that’ll keep you going through these turbulent times, lyrically and sonically, it’s just so fun.

The artist’s reputation now reaches worldwide, drawing on dance music, electronica and pop, Elohim’s style is catchy, youthful and in many ways pioneering. You won’t find many artist’s who sound like her. The American’s journey started very early, even when she was a child, it seemed as though there was only one career for Elohim, “It all started with a $100 piano my dad bought for me when I was five. That cracked old piano taught me so much and became my best friend and greatest enemy. I grew up playing classical piano which took rigorous focus and hundreds of hours.”

Perhaps it was all those hours of classical training that later impacted her style, searching for something different. “The more I had to be pushed to practice the more I started to hate it. I would kick and scream at the piano; I would lie and say I got my practice done.” Elohim states, “I think I wanted more freedom… and THAT is why I started writing and singing and creating. It was what I wanted and what I truly felt inside, instead of learning note for note, phrase by phrase, someone else’s creations. I never had a backup plan for a career. Music is all I’ve ever known and the only life I know how to live!” 

For Elohim, that unique style she now embodies comes from within her own personality, “I would describe my sound as eclectic electronic because I am eclectic, and the music embodies every part of me. The lovely, the dark, the sad, the anxious, the love.” It’s clear that the artist is a very spiritual and alternative thinking person, it’s the route that many of her songs take through her introspective song writing. “Humans are not one dimensional, yet so often we are put into genres or confined to certain boxes and labels.” The artist comments, “I love to create with total freedom and zero rules. I imagine you can hear that in my records because there are so many different sounds and feelings but ultimately it feels cohesive because it is made of all the parts of me. It is a story that I am honoured to tell. It is an opportunity to use my platform to help others.”

The artist’s latest single ‘Good Day Bad Day’ encapsulates all that 2020 has been about, although it’s been a rough ride, a better day will come, after all, no storm lasts forever. “I think the doom and gloom has both inspired and suffocated me. I did not expect to be confined to my home for this long without touring. Most of the time I’m out playing shows with tons of human interaction all year round. It has felt like every day is different yet the same and some are good while others are bad. That is why I knew I had to put ‘Good Day Bad Day’ out. The bad days make it feel impossible to go on or find hope, but we have to push through and get to the other side. It is so important to remind yourself that it won’t stay bad forever and to embrace and celebrate those happy moments. Just like any season of life, new changes bring challenges but at the same time new inspiration as well.”

It’s unclear right now if those good day will come this year, or whether we’ll have to weather this storm a little longer. For Elohim it’s important to just stay grounded and keep persevering, “the plan right now is to simply get to 2021. Haha, 2020 seems to be this never-ending weird twilight zone but I think we will all be stronger because of it.” But the artist does have some big plans for next year, fingers crossed we’ll be able to see her perform these new tracks live again soon, who knows, there might even be a new album to see by then, “In a dream world yes, I would LOVE to put out an album in 2021 and I hope to be back touring at some point in 2021 when it is safe. I absolutely loved the ‘I’m Lost’ remixes, I love to hear someone else’s brilliant interpretation of a song I made, it always blows my mind.  I’m going to try and do remixes like that for all the songs!” All eyes on 2021!

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