Berlin based singer-songwriter Leif Bent experienced his breakthrough moment last year with the release of his hit single ‘Live Like That’, which has accumulated close to 2.5 million streams to date. It transported his sumptuous pop sound across the world, gaining a plethora of fans in the process. Now Leif returns with a five track EP entitled ‘O.K’, a release that showcases the artist’s bold and deeply introspective song writing style, as Leif explains: “’O.K.’ is about admitting to not be ok and that you’re not fine.”

Leif uses his music as a platform to maintain a conversation on mental health, ​with the artist frequently finding solace in song writing, unafraid of addressing and sharing his personal aperture. ‘O.K’ was written during lockdown, a time that made themes ever more prevalent and can be heard throughout the five songs.

On the creative process behind the EP, Leif states: “The EP is fully self-written, produced, mixed & mastered during quarantine in 2020 and therefore represents the different facets of what I felt over the past year. It’s my unbiased creative expression of the music that I wanted to make at that time. I wrote most of the songs at my studio in Berlin, while “different” was written at a cabin in Switzerland where I went in summer 2020 to reset from all that corona madness.”

‘O.K’ takes the listener on an emotive journey where Leif’s personal lyricism shines in a breath-taking manner and serves as a testament to the powerful songwriter he has become over the years. The release not only shines lyrically but also sonically. Leif has carved an immaculately catchy pop sound that works perfectly alongside his powerful vocals. Sounding inspired throughout, the EP is as shocking as it is soulful, revealing the confident performer behind the thoughtful lyrics – ‘O.K’ is an addictive final product.

The artist has come a long way since he started releasing covers on Youtube. It was a great way to build a following early in his career and it’s something he continued doing on Instagram. It shows the power that the internet and social media holds for emerging talent looking to make a name for themselves. For Leif, ‘O.K’ only enhances his reputation as a shining light in the pop world with endless potential.

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