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The fashion industry is often looked upon as being overly glamorous and filled with individuals who would rather spend their time drinking soy chai lattes and shopping for purses that cost more than most peoples monthly salaries – and for some this may be a reality – but in my experience, the industry is actually filled with some very caring and giving individuals.

I believe its the creative industries that draw the most spiritual people, and their desire to inspire and escape reality makes them perfect candidates for roles in fashion and art – but reality is still there and won’t be going anywhere, and every once in a while we have to stop and take note of it – and this is exactly what Celebrity Stylist Miranda Holder recently experienced.

Miranda is not only an accomplished Celebrity and Editorial Stylist, holding posts on the Editorial teams for International Excellence and Streets magazines, but she is also a good friend of mine, which makes writing this post even more important to me.

Miranda recently visited Messini in the Peloponnese region of Greece for a family holiday – an escape from the glitz and glam of her fashion life here in the UK – and I know Miranda was looking forward to some down time by the pool with a good book and drink in hand – but her holiday turned into something much much more…


Greece, like many other southern European countries, has too many dogs due to its downturn in the economy a few years ago, with owners leaving many of them to survive in the streets as strays looking for food and shelter. Beyond their basic needs to live, the dogs also have to hope they can maneuver their way around a number of diseases, abuse from locals, and even mass poisonings from locals by way of attempting to control this ever growing problem.

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Miranda experienced this problem first hand at the resort she was staying at when a puppy and its mother took shelter on the back patio of the villa she was staying in.
We watched the documentation of these dogs through Mirandas trusted journalistic nature on her instagram, and within a few days, her heartstrings could take this no longer and she simply had to do something to help.

Reaching out to a local dog shelter, which happens to be the largest in Greece, DASH, Miranda thrust herself into becoming not just a volunteer during her stay, but an advocate for their shelter, and drove the cause into the hearts of many as we watched many of these dogs stories unfold before our eyes.

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DASH ( has over 500 dogs and their food bill alone is astronomical, so they need our help!
They currently accept donations in the following ways:

  • Cash donations via PayPal – CLICK HERE TO DONATE TODAY
  • Donations of dog food, bowls, collars and leads, flea and worming treatments
  • They even accept building materials, bedding etc as they continue to save more strays, they have to expand their shelters and enclosures

You can even sponsor or adopt a dog of your own by contacting the shelter organisers on or

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Miranda spent many of her days during her holiday visiting the shelter and raising as much awareness of this cause as she could.
I’m happy to inform you that during her visit, she managed to get several dogs from her resort accepted into the shelter – including the puppy and its mother – and she has helped raise over £2500 and got 6 dogs adopted!

It’s not often that the fashion industry takes time out of its day to show its devotion to worthwhile causes – but with the ever growing need for resource and support across the globe in many different causes and charities – we need to be seen to be doing more, and so we at Boyfriend Mag want to do our bit to help.

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Please support our friend Miranda and donate anything you can today to help save the lives of innocent dogs, you really can make a difference to an innocent animals life today.

Thank you

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Aaron Mark – Editor in Chief

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