Bringing you the latest from the newly released LUSH Christmas range 2021.

Lush continues to be a firm favourite and fixture here at Boyfriend, with both our Editors and readers alike all sharing their love and passion for the brand that is committed to making a difference to not just the products we use in our bathrooms, but how they will impact the planet too!

Now, even though we haven’t got past Halloween yet, I’m sure we’ve all seen the adverts to remind us that Christmas is coming, so it’s not surprising that brands have started to release their Seasonal ranges for this year, which is just what Lush has done.

We’ve carefully selected some of our top products from this years range, some will be familiar favourites, others will have had some upgrades, and some are entirely new which makes it just like Christmas in not knowing exactly what you’re going to get!

  1. ‘You Shall Go To The Ball’ Bath Bomb – £4.95*NEW* A sweet strawberry scented moisturising bomb that will transport you to a magical land that lasts long after midnight.
  2. Baked Alaska Soap – £5*BOYFRIEND LOVES* This zesty grapefruit scent, combined with it’s popping candy crust and soya milk centre will leave you feeling fresh. Not to mention, it’s brightly coloured design is sure to bring a smile to your face.
  3. Jingle Bells Bath Bomb – £4.95 – Colourful red and blue swirls fill your tub as this Christmassy bomb is unwrapped.
  4. Rudolph Nose Shower Bomb – £2.95 – This cherry and almond delight is sure to guide you through those dark Christmas nights and leave you feeling a little brighter.
  5. Galaxy Lip Scrub – £5.95*NEW* Soft, raspberry scented lips await you with this natural sugar exfoliator, leaving your lips totally sweet and kissable for those legendary work Christmas parties…
  6. Snowball Bath Bomb – £4.95*NEW* This bomb will bring you a eucalyptus and mint sparkling fizz, and don’t be fooled by it’s pale appearance, it”s a magical surprise just waiting to be revealed.
  7. Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb – £4.95*BOYFRIEND LOVES* Honey-scented stardust fills the room as this deeply moisturising bomb slowly dissolves, leaving you feeling warm and soft.
  8. Silver Bells Shower Bomb – £3.50 – This luxurious shower bomb will give you a shower experience with bells on, leaving you clean and refreshed.
  9. Golden Pear Body Scrub – £6*NEW* With hydrating pear oil, and exfoliating sea salt, this body scrub will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, and it has an extra popping surprise to invigorate your senses.
  10. ‘I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas’ Bath Bomb – £2.95*BOYFRIEND LOVES* This hippo will whizz around your tub leaving a trail of raspberry scent and popping candy, allowing you to dive into the deep purple waters and emerge clean and refreshed.
  11. Celebrate Body Spray – £20 – With fruity orange and zesty lime, this body spray is ready to get you in the party mood and see you dancing the 12 days of Christmas away.
  12. North Pole Bubble Bar – £5.95*NEW* This product is 2-in-1 with a bubble bar AND a bath oil, with it’s fruity bubbles, softening oils, and playful design, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.
  13. Hey! Hollywood! Bath Bomb – £5.95*NEW* This minty bath bomb will help you reset and slow down, perfect for those nights after trudging around the shops buying gifts.
  14. Snow Fairy Soap – £5 – This candy floss scented soap is sure to leave your hands feeling the cleanest and sweetest of the land.
  15. Snow Fairy Body Conditioner – £9.50 – The famous Snow Fairy scent is back in many forms this year, and the body conditioner was such a hit, they simply had to repeat it.

Also pictured is the WOW Gift Set – £185 which includes 32 exclusive Christmas products including some of our top picks and much much more!

The entire range, and your routine everyday favourites, are all available from

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