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Yes Miranda, it actually is... Find out how PASKAL is using their core DNA to standout from the crowd this season...

Yes Miranda, it actually is…

Everyone has caught onto the colour trend for AW19, and so we’re seeing a lot more bright tones and jewel tones coming in which is really going to liven up what can sometimes be a bit of a dark and monochrome season.

We are also seeing a lot of prints and patterns, predominantly florals, which is a lovely carryover from SS19, and we know of one designer that can really embrace this because florals are their signature!

PASKAL is a brand created by designer Julie Paskal who studied architecture. It is with this skill that the brands core DNA of laser cutting comes into play, fusing sensitive design with a strong personality. The laser cutting technique creates a beautiful floral shape, and this is then applied into the designs to create a distinctive and sought after aesthetic. Pair this with bright and bold colour palettes, and you’ve got some pretty incredible pieces.

This AW19 see’s Paskal taking a more aggressive colour palette, and making waves in what is normally a more paired back season. Neon pinks, yellows and greens are fused together, creating punchy colour clashes, and monochromes are also featured with some lighter pastel tones for those who aren’t ready to fully feel the fantasy….


We chatted with Paskal over email to find out more about the brand, her design process, and what’s next for the designer…

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions, you’re well known for your statement laser cut floral inspired designs, where did this idea originate from?
Thank you! From my family, I guess! One of my Grandfathers is Professor of Physics and Microbiology and my other Grandfather is a Physicist, my parents were trained as Physicists as well. I guess you could say that since my early childhood I was immersed in this scientific atmosphere, which shaped my interest to the exact sciences and nature. That’s how I came up with the laser-cutting technique. I was also trained as an Architect and this education shaped me and grounded me in some sense.

What is your design process when considering a new collection?
It’s always random. I can catch inspiration from literally anything but usually my collections are very connected to my mood and my feelings in the exact moment. Each PASKAL collection is a personal narrative, woven from what I have seen, what I have heard, what I have felt and what I have experienced. My emotional condition during a certain period of time turns into the collection – it’s like a photo album, I still can catch the flow of memories and feelings when I wear the pieces from past collections.

In a more technical sense I usually start the collection from the pieces of fabric or colour palette, which I combine from different things – advertising leaflets, napkins, pieces of packaging paper, dried flowers.  

Where did your desire to design come from?
It comes from the pressure of creative energy I have. It’s uncontrollable, almost as if I’m forced to do it and I don’t have any other choice. It’s the only way for me to translate the images I have in mind into something publicly visible and tangible. I’m fascinated by the idea of bringing to life something I have in my head. I guess, that’s the main mover of this desire. 

You’ve got some impressive stockists including Browns and, do you find you have to consider your stockists and their customers in your collections, or has having these stockists helped you develop your initial design ideas further?
To be honest, I’m not the kind of designer who tries to fulfil the requirements of the market. Of course, we do the data analysis and we consider the bestsellers before development of the new collection, but it’s not the main component for me. After all, I’m the Designer of the brand and customers are free to follow me in my creative journey. Each collection is a reflection of my personality and there is still something very similar. Our clients often ask for slight modifications and we are happy to follow them if it help them to sell the collection.

Do you enjoy seeing how stylists and creative teams work with your garments, and have any editorials really made you see your designs in a new way?
It’s always such a mesmerising process! Each piece of the collection is like baby to me and I love to watch how someone else puts it into a different context. Fortunately or not, PASKAL garments are pretty self-sufficient and that fact leaves tight space for Stylist’s expression, but it’s way more interesting to watch how Stylists can solve this task, sometimes the results are too predictable, but sometimes it’s a real experiment. I like when a stylist unintentionally completes my own vision. When we worked with Julia Sarr-Jamois on our SS18 show, she definitely felt me and her input was almost necessary to finalise the collection, she pushed the limits of my own perception.  

Whats next for you?
Balance and harmony. I would like to organise my personal and working time and navigate between these two without any anxiety and stress. I want to restore my creative and living resources and stay fascinated. Of course, I have a lot of different projects in mind and I want to give them life, but firstly I need to harmonise the current state of things.

In terms of business, we are going to launch our first e-commerce soon and I’m so excited about direct communication with my customers.


There’s no denying that Paskals design process is an interesting one, and we can see the passion and love for her craft come through in her designs. Whilst I’m not a huge fan of florals, they are a huge focus this season, and I think Paskals signature has really come into its own this season, and will standout from the crowd because it’s something she knows how to do, and she does it extremely well. 50+ stockists across the globe including Browns, Neiman Marcus and SPACE at Nordstrom can attest to that…

You can find out more about PASKAL, where it is stocked, and purchase online at so go on, don’t be a wallflower, be groundbreaking and grab yourself some bold and bright florals this Autumn.

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