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As far as debut singles go, they don’t get much bigger than 220 Kid’s; ‘Don’t Need Love’.  The hit, featuring GRACEY, has projected the artist into the mainstream, with BBC Radio 1 giving it regular plays. 220 Kid has built a style merging dance music with pop – by bringing together two of the most popular genres out there, it has enabled the artist to appeal to a huge audience, it really is the kind of music you just can’t help but move to.

In an industry where so many are trying to break through, its important to stand out and do something different. 220 Kid did this brilliantly by collaborating with GRACEY, her beautiful vocals add a touch of emotion, layering into an already complex record. However, its this essence of collaboration that has led him to this successful path. Having previously worked with the likes of Grades and Maverick Sabre, he’s learnt how to get the best out his peers, growing together only creates a better outcome.

Before the world went into meltdown, we caught up with the 220 Kid. Below we talk about 220 Kid’s past, his inspirations, and what we can expect from him in the future. Oh, and you can also catch a stellar remix of ‘Don’t Need Love’, by Majestic who gives the song an even heavier dance feel, drawing on break beats (spotify player at the bottom of this page). It’s the perfect way to dance your way through quarantine.

When did you start producing music?

5 years ago, I was working as a carpenter on a computer tour around Europe and I realised all the spare time I had in hotels and flights I could be making the most of (Calvin Harris said this in an interview I randomly watched) and I realised I could be travelling around the world to make music and not cellotaping cables down! A friend and my godfather passed away in the same month, so this really kicked me into living life to its full and chasing my dreams

How long have you been working under the ‘220 Kid’ moniker?

Only a year, I’d been writing for a while for others and a different project but just being alone in London made me realise, I needed to do my own project that had no rules and I could really fulfil my own artistic needs

What inspires your sound?

It’s almost like a merging of dance music and pop. I’ve always loved pop music, and I love what dance music stands for and how it is so full of freedom and somewhere people are together away from whatever the world has thrown at them. I love unique stories and great melodies, which is the pop side but then the feeling of dance. So why not bring them together.

Your recent collaboration with Gracey, on your hit single ‘Don’t Need Love’, was a huge success. How did the collaboration come about? How have you felt about the response?


Thanks! I had the basic version of this song for 2 years actually and was just trying to get it perfect, when my label were looking to sign me they had it on in the office and she loved it, she had her own ideas to finish and perfect it and here we are now. Its quite mad! The response has been very overwhelming. No one can really prepare you for that, as it’s taken me from the privacy of being a hidden independent artist and not really making progress to someone in demand and now very busy! I feel like I’m just floating through some days so it’s important to try and be grounded.. but it’s a real pleasure and an honour to be in a position so many people dream of.

You’ve worked a lot with ‘Grades’, how has that relationship helped form your own sound?

Ah he’s one of my best friends. He was the first person to offer me any advice or support in London when I moved here and has really been a great support. What I learn the most from him is that you need to just be unique, to make whatever you want and to keep wonderful soul to it. His productions are superb and so ahead of trend that he has shown me, so I need to just focus on what I want and not worry about what is cool etc.. which I think ‘Don’t Need Love’ has done well! It wasn’t a cool song for a long time and now it’s got its moment.

What plans do you have for 2020?

I’m writing every day, remixing some amazing artists, touring is coming and global promotion for the single. I am also trying to do a charity project that is getting studio set ups into Youth centres and foster homes around the country. So, we are just pulling that together at the moment and see how we can really make something that can change peoples lives.

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