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Our Editor Aaron Mark recently had a complete restyle and colour by the team at Fudge HQ, read all about the experience and see the before and afters here...

I have been platinum blonde since my late teens, and so I understand better than most the maintenance required.

As I’ve got older, I’ve realised that the platinum colour may not be working for me as well as it used to, and so I needed to soften the colour and make it a little more natural looking. Fudge Professional Haircare invited me to a special appointment where I could test out their brand new ‘Headpaint’ colour system, and get a cheeky little restyle at the same time.

My hair has always been something I’ve left until the last minute to get sorted, and so when I found out my appointment was at the end of July, I was thrilled, but unfortunately this was in June and my hair was already in dire need of some attention. That being said, I committed to the before and after, and let my hair grow to a length that it hasn’t been in years.

Leading the charge on my hair re-style were 2 geniuses in their fields, Fudge Queen of Colour Tracy Hayes and Global Brand Ambassador Jonathan Andrew – both of which blew me away with their sheer technical skill and execution.

Showcasing some major roots, and a length that wasn’t really do anything for me…

Tracey started off with bleaching my hair (yes it is called bleach and it’s the only way to lift dark hair to blonde), fortunately, Fudges ‘Speed+’ Lightener is their most conditioning bleach yet, it claims to be tingle and fume free and can lift up to 7 shades. The product itself had the same consistency as peroxide bleach I’ve used in the past, but it certainly didn’t smell anywhere near as strong. As far as tingle free, I wouldn’t say that’s entirely true, but it didn’t feel as uncomfortable as some of the harsh bleaches I’ve had on my scalp in the past, so they are clearly doing something right here…

Tracy then went onto apply the toner, and everyone who has had their whole head bleached before will understand me when I say this – it’s the part I dread the most, but this was surprisingly painless…

The toner itself was part of Fudges ‘Headpaint’ range and comes in 3 different ‘tones’, nude, warm or cool. I believe Tracy went for a warmer tone with me, so the toner was slightly pink, giving it ‘pearl’ finish to the colour, and I am in LOVE with it, it’s certainly a much better colour for my skin tone, and age!

The final stages of the colour process are to wash everything out, and Tracy was using ‘Clean Blonde Damage Rewind’ shampoo and conditioner which not only remove any brassy tones from your newly bleached hair, but they also add in the goodness that the bleach has stripped out – I’ve been using these at home and I can attest to their greatness, they also smell incredible!

Jonathan then stepped in and we had a chat about what style I wanted, and being that I’ve always hated my hair when it gets too long, I always tend to go for the standard ‘short back and sides with length on top’ as I find it the most diverse when it comes to styling etc.

Picture 3434

Jonathan had some different ideas though as he personally liked the length, and showed me how I can achieve a cool and simple look (it’s very 80’s and as I’m obsessed with that time period, it suits me perfectly) whilst also using the length of my hair to my advantage.

There are also some fab products that I’m using to create the look, before blowdrying, I give it a little spritz of Fudges ‘Salt Spray’ which gives it body and texture and also protects my hair from UV damage, I then use ‘Matte HED Style Paste’ to shape and sculpt, working the product from the back of the hair so it doesn’t all sit at the front, comb that through to get out any of the tangles created, and then give it a little spray of hairspray to finish it off and lock the style in place.

The overall look is something that I personally would have never picked out, but I cannot argue that it is likely one of the best hairstyles and colours I have ever had, and I cannot thank Tracy, Jonathan, the team at Fudge, and Essence PR enough, and not just for the hair, but also for the wonderfully warm and inviting experience too!

I will most certainly be back for another appointment before Fashion Week (if you’ll have me hehe), and if you can, go out and grab yourself some Fudge styling products and see if your hairdresser can get hold of some ‘Headpaint’ in time for your next colour appointment, you won’t be disappointed…

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