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(Function of Beauty FYSO For Your Skin Only Range)

From American born, customisable haircare brand Function of Beauty comes the FYSO For Your Skin Only Skincare Range. A customisable (just like the haircare and recently launched body care ranges) skincare range of 3 staple products, a cleanser – which comes in 2 different textures, a micellar gel and a jelly  -, a serum and a moisturiser – which comes in 3 different textures, gel, lotion and cream, depending on your skin type and needs. 

I’ll be very honest, I wasn’t overly impressed with the hair range, tried a few different formulations, that should have been the ultimate formulas for my hair type, condition and needs, but didn’t really find it did much in the way of actually tackling any of my specified concerns, other than wash my hair and make it smell nice (having said that, I gifted one set of the formulations to my sister, and she absolutely loved them, so they worked for someone!).

The skincare however, seems to be much more effective. To me, at least. Is it a miracle routine that magically makes my skin look and feel 15 years younger? No. Does it deliver on a daily routine aspect to keep it balanced and feeling healthy? Yes.

My specifications for customisation were hydration, brightness and to reduce breakouts (you can only choose 3 of the 13 available options, so choose your main concerns). And I didn’t mind some fragrance, since it’s quite low in the list of ingredients, so it wouldn’t aggravate my sensitive skin, but still add a bit of a sensory experience to the whole regime, but you can opt for fragrance-free. (And you can purchase an item on its own, in a duo or in a 3-piece skin set bundle).

Which meant my customised formula would contain Hyaluronic Acid and Blue Green Algae Extract (which is moisturising and rich in antioxidants) for hydration, Tangerine Extract (which helps to smooth and clarify the outermost layer of the skin, for more radiant skin) and Vitamin C for brightening, and Niacinamide and Salicylic Acid to tackle blemishes and breakouts as well as the ensuing pigmentation, as the main ingredients, and a light, fresh, clean fragrance of Cucumber with a tiny hint of Citrus.

I was recommended:

The Micellar Gel Cleanser, Serum and Lotion Moisturiser as a complete regime.

For most “skincare routine veterans” like myself, this is probably the most basic, minimal regime I’d ever do on a daily basis, and it’s something I took care to be able to slot in together with the rest of my products in my routine, since you can know which are the ingredients, but for most beginners or anyone that just wants a quick and easy basic everyday routine, it’s quite a good starter kit.

The Micellar Gel Cleanser is gentle on my oily-dehydrated skin, it’s not overly foaming (even though it’s meant to be lathering, but I like that it’s not, since most foaming cleansers tend to be a bit over-stripping or drying on my skin), but it still provides a good everyday cleanse and is microbiome friendly, and also contains Allantoin to help soothe skin. Ideal for morning or as a second cleanse in the evening if you’re wearing makeup.

My custom serum formulation is lightweight and quickly absorbed and feels quite fresh and hydrating on the skin. Besides the custom ingredients mentioned above, the base of my custom serum is Allantoin, Betaine and Panthenol (Provitamin 5), to help soothe, hydrate and moisturise.

The lotion moisturiser is again, very lightweight, fresh, quickly absorbed and very hydrating and also has Vitamin E, Squalane and Glycerin for added lightweight hydration and antioxidant protection. Ideal for the warmer months and when layering under SPF and makeup.

All in all, I found I could easily slot these in with the other products in my regime (mists, toners, actives and SPF) and they are great to maintain and keep my skin looking healthy on a daily basis.

The scent is refreshing and light and the products feel great on application. Also, can we talk packaging? IT’S TOTALLY DELISH!!! Absolutely love it!

All products are cruelty-free, vegan, sulfate-free, paraben-free and sustainability focused.

Individual products: 

  1. Custom Jelly Cleanser (£19.00) 
  2. Custom Micellar Gel Cleanser (£19.00)
  3. Custom Serum (£44.00) 
  4. Custom Gel Moisturiser (£39.00) 
  5. Custom Lotion Moisturiser (£39.00)
  6. Custom Cream Moisturiser (£39.00)


  1. Duo set (cleanser & serum): £54 (£63 value) 
  2. Duo set (cleanser & moisturiser): £49 (£58 value) 
  3. Duo set (serum & moisturiser): £74 (£83 value) 
  4. Cleanser, Serum & Moisturiser set: £84 (£104 value)

Available from Function of Beauty

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